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Base model: Vans Old Skool
Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collection: Vans Old Skool
Price: $90
Colorways: Blue
Special editions: 46 special editions
Small True to size Large
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The Hairy Suede rendition of the classic Vans Old Skool shoes are available in men’s sizing from US 3.5 to 13 in D – Medium width. As with the original Old Skool, it has a classic lace closure system with tonal or contrasting white laces depending on the colorway for a customizable and comfortable fit. Overall support is excellent. 

Like the Vans Classic Slip-On and the Vans SK8-Hi, the Style 36 AKA Old Skool shoe model from the Off the Wall brand received a hairy suede upper transformation through the Vans Hairy Suede Old Skool sneakers. 

In this release, Vans further stepped up the Old Skool’s style game by using a textured hairy suede upper material that is durable and fashion forward. The fresh material also translates to a one-of-a-kind look and premium appeal. The Old Skool’s signature Sidestripe is retained and comes in leather. 

Colorways available for the Vans Old Skool Hairy Suede include Hot Sauce/ Snow White, Aspen Gold/ True White, Cool Blue/ True White, and Daybreak/ True White. 

Considering the numerous renditions of the classic Vans Old Skool shoe that have been released in the market, the Vans Hairy Suede Old Skool sure flaunts a one-of-a-kind flair with an unusual upper. Instead of typical textile, leather, or regular suede material, this version uses a textured hairy suede material throughout the upper, including the tongue.  

Skate shoes and casual sneakers from Vans have a distinctive branding that gives the nod to the brand’s heritage and, at the same time, makes them easier to recognize as a creation of the renowned skate shoe brand. This branding is known as the Sidestripe, which was initially known as the "jazz stripe."

The Sidestripe is a strip of waved line reinforcement presented on the sides of Vans shoes. It was initially just a random doodle by Vans founder Paul Van Doren that eventually evolved into being the brand’s iconic symbol up to this day. It debuted through the Style 36 or commonly known as the Vans Old Skool. 

Introduced in 1977 as the first Vans shoe to don the now-iconic Sidestripe branding, the Vans Old Skool pioneered the inclusion of leather into the construction of performance skate shoes. Because of its on-point style and no-fail skate performance, it immediately became a favorite Vans shoe among skateboarders and casual wearers.

Recently, the Old Skool silhouette is among the classic Vans models that received a hairy suede upgrade. Called officially as the Vans Hairy Suede Old Skool, the low-top classic skate shoe feature a hairy suede upper instead of textile, leather, or regular suede. 

  • This shoe is also called as the Vans Old Skool Hairy Suede, Vans Style 36 Hairy Suede, or Vans Hairy Suede Style 36 by other retailers.