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6 reasons to buy

  • The Vans Glitter Checkerboard Slip-On is found to be a comfortable sneaker by many wearers.
  • Most of the buyers are amazed by the shoe’s stylish design. Others even mentioned that it has a better look in person.
  • Several people said that they receive compliments whenever they wear this iteration of Vans Classic Slip-on.
  • Like other Vans skate sneakers, it has a versatile design that can go with different outfits, noted by some users. 
  • A couple of people attested that it is a well-made Vans Slip-On.
  • People can grab the Vans Slip-On with the glitter checkerboard pattern at a budget-friendly rate. 

2 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of testers complained that the Vans Glitter Checkerboard Slip-On fits tight across the top of the shoe. 
  • One muttered that it has a smaller foot hole than his other Vans Slip-On sneakers.

Bottom line

For many years Vans never cease to create and innovate footwear. Loved by young and old patrons, the Vans Glitter Checkerboard Slip-On is an embodiment of comfort and style that anyone could wish for. It has a versatile design that is not difficult to curate with a variety of clothing. Whether for going to school, mall, or movie, it is among the low-top Vans sneakers that will surely fit the bill. 


Base model: Vans Slip-On
Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collection: Vans Checkerboard
Closure: Slip-on
Material: Canvas, Others
Price: $60
Special editions: 17 special editions
Small True to size Large
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Like other Vans shoes, the Glitter Checkerboard Classic Slip-On is available in men’s sizing ranges from 3.5 to 10 US. Women can still buy this shoe by getting their size that is 1.5 down to get their exact fit. The durable upper is a combination of canvas and suede that keeps that foot dry all day. 

This slip-on has cushioned footbed that offers superior shock absorption and comfortable fit. It has the elastic side accent that gives a snug fit. Also, it has a padded collar that provides added support.

With a low-profile silhouette, the Vans Glitter Checkerboard Classic Slip-On features a vibrant and glittery upper with the checkerboard print that gives an attractive and lively vibe. It is available in Fairy Wren/ True White colorway.

This unisex sneaker is perfect to complement a variety of casual clothing, especially summer outfits. Men, as well as women, can match this version of the checkboard slip-on sneakers with shorts, denim jeans, and jumpsuits. Ladies can pair with mini-skirts too.

With the classic silhouette, the Vans Glitter Checkerboard Slip-On displays an upper with subtle sophistication. It has a cute checkerboard-printed upper covered with glitter material that adds value and style. With its bright and fashion-forward design, it is versatile enough to complement a myriad of casual outfits.

Serge D’Elia and Gordon Lee, together with Paul and James Van Doren, established the Van Doren Rubber Company in March 1966. In the same year, the company also launched the first shoe, Style 44 or known as the Authentic. Consequently, Vans managed to deliver a myriad of footwear that loved by skateboarders and BMX riders. Regular wearers who were fashionably-inclined were drawn as well. 

Among the revolutionary sneakers that Vans released was the Classic Slip-On or previously known as Style 98 in 1974. Since its released, it has been reinterpreted several times utilizing a variety of materials. In the 1980s, the Checkerboard Slip-On was featured in the movie hit The Fast Times at Ridgemont High. 

Part of the growing collection of the Vans Classic sneakers, the Glitter Checkerboard Slip-on has a breathable canvas and suede upper that sits atop of vulcanized outsole that provides foot breathability and superior grip respectively.

  • The Vans Glitter Checkerboard Slip-on has the signature waffle outsole that provides excellent bard feels and superior grip. 


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