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    Extremely popular sneakers because of their price range, versatility when it comes to style, and freedom of movement. Almost everyone is guaranteed to have low-top sneakers in their shoe rotation.

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    Mid-top sneakers extend toward the ankle for a little more support and hold. These lie somewhere in the middle between low-top and high-top sneakers in terms of usage and popularity.

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    Sneakers with collars that go above the ankles for optimal hold and support are some of the most sought-after models in lifestyle shoes. Most of these shoes take their roots from basketball and have easily or fashionably crossed to mainstream wear.

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    Regardless of cut, it's always good to start with sneakers that can be worn for the daily grind, also called as "beaters" by some, as these are usually cheaper, easy to clean, and still gives that lifestyle "edge" before going for those wallet-thinning models.

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    Sneakers dominantly take their heritage from running, basketball, skate, tennis, training, hiking, and football. Still retaining a few of their performance-based technologies, these sneakers have transcended their respective niches and have successfully and popularly transformed themselves as staples of fashion footwear.


    Sneakers designed for a laidback, "cool" vibe that is built for lifestyle wear right from the get-go.

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    Brands are now blending elements of performance and casual appeal in basically every sneaker. One can hardly go wrong with a sports-inspired sneaker or a simple casual shoe.

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    Shoes sharing the same inspiration, history, materials, or technologies are routinely assembled under one compilation for the convenience of those who may wish to categorize or label their own collection as such. The classic collections like the Adidas Originals, Air Max 1, Air Force 1, new balance classic sneakers, and the Classic Leather head the pack of frequently asked about collections.

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Unisex sizing is available for the Vans Flame Wall Authentic. It has a plain low-top collar that allows the ankle to move unhindered. With a canvas upper, the sneaker affords the wearer with a sturdy fit. Flat laces keep the fit snug yet adjustable for comfort.

With a seamless black upper which emphasizes a burning flame design, the low-top Vans Flame Wall Authentic adds a hip look to any outfit. The sneaker’s monochrome black upper ensures that the flame design does not look too garish, which means that the overall style still looks subtle and classy. It has the right amount of edge to keep everyday outfits interesting.  

  Street-ready Authentic style

Just like the original Authentic model, this shoe offers a very versatile look that can be dressed in different ways. For any casual day, the kicks could be paired with jeans or shorts, especially in neutral colors, which ensures that the flame pops out. For a classic urban style, t-shirts and jackets can be paired with this model.

The Vans Authentic Flame Wall shoes can also be a great conversation-starter at a party or event or a laidback workplace. At such places or functions, the kicks can be worn with dresses, skirts, pants, t-shirts, and more for an eye-catching flair. Basic patterns or colors should be observed for the rest of the outfit so that the clothes will not clash with the sneaker's flame design.

The flaming midsole is the main attractive detail in the Vans Flame Wall Authentic, which exudes a minimalistic approach with a black canvas upper. The laces, metal eyelets, and stitch detailing are also in black to maintain a monochrome appearance and keep all the attention to the multicolored flame.

Meanwhile, Vans keeps to the theme when it comes to the branding. This is shown in the brand logos, which are done in red and found on the tag near the laces and the heel tab.

All in all, the Vans Flame Wall Authentic sneaker is simple and straightforward, offering a fresh take on a Vans classic. The details and features are just like that of the original Authentic, with just a few updates to keep the look interesting, refreshing, and eye-catching.

Vans began as the Van Doren Rubber Company in 1966 in Anaheim, California. It was co-founded by the brothers Jim and Paul Van Doren, along with Serge D’Elia and Gordon Lee. The company was so small that the team manufactured the kicks on site and sold them directly to customers at the shop front.

Paul Van Doren was a former executive at a large footwear manufacturer, where he observed that most of the revenue from each shoe that was sold went to the retailers. Meanwhile, manufacturers received mere pennies. This was what made him decide to set up his own business and sell the kicks directly to the public.

On the first day that Vans opened, the brand sold twelve pairs of shoes, which had to be made on the same day. Customers came back in the afternoon to claim their purchases. Vans didn’t have a cash reserve at the time to give customers any change, so the buyers came back the next day for their payments.

Success came later when the brand became favored by the 1970s local skateboarding community of Southern California. Vans shoes were popular among skaters because of their rugged appeal and sticky soles. The company’s #44 Deck Shoes, in particular, attracted the young crowd of hip and thrill-seeking skaters.

  The Vans Authentic

In the year 1974, skateboarding began to grow exponentially as a sport, and skaters all over California began to wear the #44 shoe. The trendy youth began to embrace the sneaker as their own, and it quickly developed a large cult following. It was eventually renamed the Vans Authentic and became a permanent, timeless fixture in the Vans catalog.

Since then, the Authentic, twelve pairs of which were sold on Vans’ first day, has become a favorite among men, women, and kids of all ages. The style is deemed so versatile and laid-back that individuals can dress it any way they want and still look cool. Another reason why the sneaker is so well-loved is its capacity for customization, which means that it can be designed in different ways.  

Today, Vans Authentic shoes remain on-trend and popular, which has led to a lot of new designs and updates on the original. Since the first release, various patterns, colors, and materials have been introduced with the sneaker’s smooth silhouette.

  The Flame Wall Authentic

One such fashionable upgrade to the timeless model is the Vans Flame Wall Authentic. Its most striking detail is its eye-catching flame design, the only pop of color in the shoe’s all-black colorway. The brand’s flame designs have always proved to be sought-after because of their fresh and head-turning appeal, and this model is no exception.

The Vans Authentic Flame Wall retains all the minimalist elements of the Authentic while keeping it modern with a colorful flame detailing. It’s part of the Flame Wall pack, which also includes fiery editions of the Vans Old Skool and the Vans Slip-On. All of these iconic silhouettes are updated with a flame design on the midsole.    

  • The Vans original Waffle Outsole is featured in this sneaker.