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12 reasons to buy

  • Vans Denim C&L Era 59 gets comfortable after the first hour of walking with it.
  • The composition of this shoe did not give any feeling of discomfort.
  • It breathes well.
  • Several reviewers agreed that this sneaker is a worthy purchase.
  • A casual shoe that isn’t hard to match with everyday outfits, and can even be paired with semi-casual wear.
  • The rubber and leather contrast makes this shoe chic looking compared with plain textile covered sneakers.
  • Several reviewers cited this shoe has a perfect fit.
  • It comes with a likable selection of colors.
  • The denim material on this shoe is an incredible match for khakis and chinos.
  • Some can’t resist wearing the shoe for several days in a week as every part of the shoe is excellently constructed.
  • A lightweight shoe with tons of flexibility, as mentioned by several users.
  • Lots of reviewers enjoyed wearing this for long hours in a day; its cushioning gives a good deal of comfort.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Some considerably found this shoe to have a small width.
  • One reviewer noticed that the upper chafes quickly.
  • A couple of buyers felt it has poor arch support.
  • A few who had issues with its sizing mentioned that they couldn’t wear this shoe for a long time because it’s causing pain on the sides of the foot.

Bottom line

Skate it or romp it, the Vans Denim C&L Era 59, influenced by the skate-centric Vans Era, allows you to get stylish with its denim and leather profile. Casual wear is emphasized with a leather patch on the Achilles zone. The feet can immediately relax under this shoe’s forgiving denim cover, complemented by a reinforced collar, while obtaining stability from its grippy rubber waffle sole. Flexibility isn’t an issue as its structure bends submissively in every stride.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collection: Vans Lifestyle Shoes
Price: $60
Colorways: Black
Small True to size Large
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A top rated Vans sneaker
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Vans Denim C&L Era 59 comes with an appropriate length dimension and a relatively narrow width. Those with broad foot measurement may have to size up, so their foot movements are not restricted. The sizes available for this shoe ranges from 5 to 14.5 US and 3.5 to 13 US for women’s and men’s respectively. The ankle area is padded which keeps the feet supported if you plan to use this for cruising with your boards, while its padded flooring is sufficient enough to give comfort to the feet.

The Vans Denim C&L Era 59 partly retreats from the skateboard and joins other stylish reinterpretations of the original skate-specific Vans Era.  Like the other fab casts from the same lifestyle catalog such as Guate, with colorful native Guatemalan stripe pattern, and Aloha, accentuated by a floral printed liner, this Denim reproduction offers a relaxed and uncontrived style.

Reinforced with double-stitched denim and padded collars, you can break-in this savvy skate shoe during casual occasions, not necessarily on the board. Its low-top and lace-up design accentuated by a leather patch on the heel creates a fine-looking contrast when paired with stretch pants and pullovers, tracksuits and hoodies, and fleece pants that go with tees and beanies.

The sturdy cotton fabric of Vans Denim C&L Era 59 creates a more relaxed structure versus the crusty profile of the skate-specific Vans Era. Enhanced by its leather detailing, this sneaker isn’t only comfortable, airy, and flexible, but trendy and hip as well. It’s a kind of sneaker that’s ready when you feel like gliding on your board or hitting the pavement for your daily runs.

Vans Denim C&L Era 59 is one of the modern remakes of Vans’ prized creation, the classic skate shoe known as Vans Era which was born at the time when Californian skateboarding community was growing in heaps back in the 1970s.

If we scour through the old posters and ads of Vans since its inception in 1966 up until the mid-1970s, it will hard to unearth any information about the Vans Era. This is because, when this shoe was unveiled in 1977, it was simply classified as the Vans #95.

The Vans #95, which was later referred to as Vans Era, had features readily accepted by skate communities. Among these elements is a cushioned ankle collar which offers added protection and trademark waffle sole for traction, plus it came in different color schemes.

This dedicated skate shoe innovation by Vans was designed by 1970s pro skaters Tony Alva and Stacey Peralta. Both were members of the prominent surf-turned-skateboarding team in California the Z-Boys who was considered the top dogs in the skate scene during that time.

To illustrate the influence of these famous riders, they popularized some of the mid-air and sliding skate techniques which somehow defines the core of today’s aerial skateboarding. These street stars are also instrumental in putting Vans sneakers on the map as a go-to label, especially for avid skateboarders.

Over the coming years, the Vans Era became a perennial option in the brand’s skate catalog until it evolved into a lifestyle sneaker heralded not only by riders but by non-skaters too. Its functional built was restructured almost resembling a pair of handsome loafer with the addition of a leather patch on the heel area. The modified style was rebranded as Vans Era 59.

In 2013, the crusty look of the original Vans Era was softened with the refashioned form called the Vans Era 59 C&L. Apart from the leather accent, this classic and leather variation, which is just one of the popular Vans Era variations, has a printed interior lining which is suitable for off-the-board events or when wearers want stylish footwear to go with their streetwear garb.

  • The “C&L” stands for classic and leather. Shoes belonging to this collection, initially introduced in 2013, are more refined than the skate-specific Vans Era.
  • The Vans Denim C&L Era 59 is a vulcanized shoe which means it’s flexible and easy to break in, and very light.
  • Vulcanized shoes are made of several layers of rubber attached to the upper part of the shoe, secured by foxing tape made of rubber. This kind of shoe does not offer a generous amount of cushioning and foot protection compared to cupsoles, but it’s a type of shoe that will give you a good feel of your board.
  • The upper is sewn using a double-stitching method which adds length to the life of the sneaker.
  • The sole is made of Vans waffle tread pattern, a design that’s been used seen since the creation of the first Vans shoe in 1966, conceptualized by one of its founders Paul Van Doren.
  • Vans was founded in 1966 by Paul Van Doren, James Van Doren, Gordon Lee, Serge D’Elia, and Asiah Brewster.