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8 reasons to buy

  • Vans Corduroy SK8-Hi Pro shoes provide upgraded comfort compared to the non-pro versions, according to plenty of reviewers.
  • The shoes hold up well, many testers say, while one of them has added that “Months in and the shoes are still fighting through kickflips.”
  • Lots of purchasers have commended the classic styling of these kicks from the Off The Wall brand.
  •  Several skateboarders are happy about the shoes’ cushioning on the soles and around the ankles which protect from ‘shark bites.’ 
  • Vans Corduroy SK8-Hi Pro skate shoes are “super grippy,” pleased users have reported.
  • The board feel is top notch in these corduroy renditions of the classic SK8-His.
  • A good number of consumers like how these fit on their feet.
  • The shoes are worth the higher price, a few customers say, because of how well-made the sneakers are.

1 reasons not to buy

  • According to a couple of purchasers, Vans Corduroy SK8-Hi Pros need more arch support.

Bottom line

Vans has taken tried and true classics and remade them into something even better. Vans Corduroy SK8-Hi Pro kicks are super cushioned, offering greater protection against heel and ankle bruising. The sneakers are also durable and hold up well when used for longboarding or skateboarding. 

Whether doing bowl, street, vert, or other types of skating, these kicks should perform well. Grippy soles and superior board feel will have you feeling on top of your game.


Base model: Vans SK8-Hi
Top: High
Inspired from: Skate
Collection: Vans SK8-Hi
Closure: Laces
Material: Others, Suede
Price: $65
Special editions: 17 special editions
Small True to size Large
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Vans Corduroy SK8-Hi Pro shoes are unisex with sizes offered ranging from 4 to 13. These sizes are based on men’s measurements, though, which are 1.5 sizes bigger than the women’s. 

The shoes are true to size and provide an excellent fit. The high-top profile offers unparalleled protection and support for the ankles aside from securing the shoes safely to your feet. You don’t have to worry about these sliding off your feet, especially with an eight-pair eyelet lacing system to tighten the fit.

The soles are highly cushioned, and the collars are well-padded. However, some have pointed out that the sneakers need more arch support.

In terms of style, the classic look that people fell in love with in the 70s and beyond is still very much present in these sneakers. Only the corduroy panels on the sides give a hint of modern flair to an otherwise old-school vibe. 

The Vans Corduroy SK8-HI Pro black and yolk yellow colorway gives the sneakers a very distinct look that is noticeable from afar. They look good paired with black jeans, a fitted shirt, and a black leather jacket for an edgy street-style vibe.

Aside from the classic Vans flair and vintage sensibility of Corduroy SK8-Hi Pros, these kicks are also noteworthy for their excellent cushioning and comfort. Skateboarder or no, the ample padding should delight your feet.

The UltraCush HD sockliners give a high level of impact cushioning which won’t pack out over time. Duracap rubber underlays also reinforce the high-wear areas, so if you wear through the fabric, you’ve still got another layer beneath. 

Vans Corduroy SK8-Hi Pros trace their history back to those legendary shoes of 1978, Vans SK8-His or Style Number 38s as they were known then.

The SK8-His were the first to take protection for skateboarders seriously by taking the profile higher than the ankles. This high-top construction was also endowed with ample padding around the collars and ankles to shield ankle bones from being hit too hard by skateboards. 

These kicks were just the second to don the Sidestripe, next to the Old Skool. They also featured two major elements that made the Old Skool so popular—grippy waffle outsoles and uppers that are made of a combination of sturdy canvas and leather.

Through the years, owing to the SK8-Hi model’s popularity, the brand would release various reimaginings of Vans Style #38. One of these reinterpretations is the Corduroy Sk8-Hi Pros. Not only did Vans add corduroy panels to the shoes, but they also upgraded the comfort and durability to make them even more skateable.

  • Vans Corduroy SK8-Hi Pro shoes feature vulcanized soles which are flexible and break in quickly.


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