We spent 7.2 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

12 reasons to buy

  • The Vans C&L Iso 1.5 has a minimal structure which describes its lightness, mentioned by many.
  • It comes with an athletic fit for improved heel comfort, noted by a few users.
  • A very comfortable sneaker with the use of a breathable textile upper, stated by some wearers.
  • Standing for an 8-hour job on a cement floor while wearing this sneaker isn’t uncomfortable, according to one user.
  • A sturdy shoe which makes it appropriate for all-day use, mentioned by some.
  • This sneaker is suitable to use for running around town due to its extremely lightweight built, as told by a couple of users.
  • Several users are boasting its UltraCush insert which is soft and supportive.
  • Due to its inlay sole, some reviewers experienced best fit using thin socks or when they go sockless.
  • Many purchasers approve of this sneaker’s selection of colorways and patterns.
  • One reviewer who is fascinated with the style and structure of this shoe bought several pairs.
  • Several reviewers stated it is one of the best gears for summer and spring.
  • Some find this useful for light runs and less strenuous gym workouts.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Plenty of users said this sneaker is narrower than the classics. One reviewer would have given this shoe a perfect 5 rating if it was built with the traditional Vans Classic shoe last.
  • Several wearers felt it runs half a size too big.
  • One user hoped Vans would expand the width choices to more wide options.
  • It is quite tight around the tip of the foot, according to one buyer.

Bottom line

The ultra-lightweight Vans C&L Iso 1.5 is fabricated with supportive and incredibly comfortable elements which makes it one of the most conveniently-designed lifestyle sneakers in the market for daily use. It can fulfill the needs of the foot for light-bearing activities, making it a practical choice to consider by consumers with an active lifestyle. The brand managed to infuse technical detailing into its outsole and sockliner coupled with an improved support unit on the heel that altogether grants the feet unmatched comfort.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Vans C&L
Price: $75
Colorways: Pink, Grey, Beige
Small True to size Large
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The low-top Vans C&L Iso 1.5 tends to run long while narrow. Those with wide feet are advised to obtain a half size larger than their customary fit. The lace-up feature of this shoe allows consumers to tighten or loosen up the shoe according to their desired fit. Men wearers may obtain a size from 6.5 to 13 US, while women users may choose from 5 to 14 US. The upper construction of this shoe uses breathable canvas with hints of leather, which offers a snug fit.

Today’s fast-paced way of life dictates what’s suitable for everyday footwear. Bulky lifestyle sneakers are slowly becoming a taboo with the emergence of minimalist and barefoot influences. Vans was challenged by such trend that led them to the creation of Vans C&L Iso 1.5. Outfitted with canvas and leather cover, the bottom of the shoe is nearly weightless as it bears the UltraCush Lite cushioning not only on sockliner but the outsole as well. The tapered silhouette of this shoe with minimalist detailing add allure to almost any slim-fitting or tapered bottoms, such as joggers, chinos, tracksuits, and a pair of denim for men; capris, skinny jeans, cropped minis, jumper shorts, form-hugging dresses, and maxis for women. Its breathable façade makes it a desirable choice to wear during spring, summer, and autumn seasons.

The minimalist styling of the low-top Vans C&L Iso 1.5 makes it one of the ultra-lightweight sneaker options introduced by this much-sought streetwear label. Although this sneaker can be tossed for practically any light bearing activities, it doesn’t fall short in providing comfort, cushioning, and flexibility. The technical properties infused into this gear make this no ordinary lifestyle sneaker.

Before Vans celebrated its 50th year in 2016 as an influential footwear label in skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding, this brand began creating new trails introducing a new range of lifestyle sneakers. With the launch of the LXVI collection in 2012, the brand started producing comfort-driven and innovative designs utilizing ultra-lightweight components that meant to cater those with an active lifestyle. This modern lineup is named as such in commemoration of the year Vans was born, which was in 1966.

Under such catalog, Vans dropped the Graph, an ultra-light sneaker; Secant, a modern expression of the classic mid-top Half Cab; Inscribe, constructed with a fusion of fast-forward styling and upgraded comfort; Variable, a contemporary and tech-loaded edition of the classic Vans Era; and Ortho, built with traditional and modern elements.

This new breed of lifestyle sneakers by Vans are designed with modified technologies with close resemblances to some of the known technical features found in running shoes. These breakthrough components include the Luxliner, a free-floating insert that conforms to the structure of the foot; the Rapidweld, a stitch-free upper panel composition; and the Waffleflex, an improved tread pattern that grants increased flexibility.

Other tech properties are the Actionfit, a wedge-shaped midsole that’s thick on the heel, which resembles the silhouette of typical running shoes and the Pleasurecuff, a padded heel and collar makeup that utilizes stretchy neoprene. It also includes the UltraCush Lite, an Eva-based cushioning used in the outsole, midsole, and sockliners with a lightweight configuration.

Branching out from the initial run of the LXVI’s extremely lightweight, flexible, and ultra-comfortable contemporary selections of lifestyle kicks are the durable and practical Iso lifestyle sneaker variations. One of the developments in this class is the Vans C&L Iso 1.5.

This Iso 1.5 low-top model has a lightweight built that boasts an athletic fit almost similar to running shoes with a bit of elevation on the heel area. The Vans C&L Iso 1.5 joins other silhouettes with equally minimal upper detailing that can be conveniently paired with everyday casual wear.

  • This Iso model is made of canvas upper accentuated by leather detailing on the Sidestripe and the heel stabilizer.
  • The Vans C&L Iso 1.5 comes with six pairs of plastic eyelets.
  • Other variations of the Iso are Mesh Iso 1.5, Neo-Perf Iso 1.5, Suede Iso 1.5, Mesh Iso 2, Iso 2 Blue Graphite, iso 2 Rapidweld, among others.