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7 reasons to buy

  • The Vans Chambray Authentic Lo Pro are both comfortable and fashionable, according to some reviewers.
  • A number of buyers think the chambray denim makes the sneakers stand out.
  • Some reviewers have pointed out that the fabric of the shoes offers amazing breathability.
  • It is among the versatile Vans sneakers that can be worn casually to work or just for one’s daily look, a handful of wearers have noted.
  • Many appreciate how shoes can easily be packed for travel.
  • This iteration of the Vans Authentic skate shoes is worth their money, according to many buyers
  • Many have already pledged to buy another pair of the same shoes as they like it so much.

1 reasons not to buy

  • One buyer has pointed out that the Vans Chambray Authentic Lo Pro offers little to no arch support.

Bottom line

The Chambray Authentic Lo Pro holds the same silhouette as the original Vans Authentic model but with a slight upgrade in the upper's fabric.  The chambray denim that it has gives the low-tops a new identity, making it into very decent fashion sneakers great for both men and women.

Some reviewers have expressed concern over the shoes’ ambiguous sizing, which can be remedied by going at least half a size up for a better fit. For some, breaking it in actually stretches the shoes out for a slightly looser fit.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collection: Vans Authentic
Closure: Laces
Material: Others, Vulc Sole
Price: $55
Colorways: Black, White
Small True to size Large
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A top rated sneaker
A top rated Vans sneaker
A popular pick
It has never been more popular than this March

The Vans Chambray Authentic Lo Pro is a pair of sturdy sneakers with a chambray textile upper. This textile upper, once broken in, gives the foot a nice fit and allows for good air circulation. It is available in men’s and women’s sizing. 

With a slim silhouette, it offers a lightweight experience. This shoe’s lace-up system allows a secure and flexible fit. It has a low-top profile that allows the foot to move without any restriction. 

The Vans Chambray Authentic Lo Pro sports a style that appeals to everyone. A unisex shoe with a slim silhouette, it carries a single thick rubber sole and a single-wrap foxing tape. The only significant change that it has is the chambray textile upper. The textile upper gives the whole shoe its distinct look. Not much for complications, these low-tops make for great pairings to any casual outfit one has in mind.

These sneakers can be worn for a smart casual event. Just pair it with slacks and a cardigan over a button-down shirt, and the look will be completed. Along with that, the Vans Chambray Authentic Lo Pro also works well with jeans and joggers. For women, these kicks look excellent with shorts and a simple t-shirt, even a romper dress for those who want to up their fashion and get a little dressy. For a classic streetwear outfit, finish the look off with a jacket and a cap. It’s truly a stylish sneaker done in a contemporary way.

The most and probably the only notable feature of this shoe is apparent in its name. The Vans Chambray Authentic Lo Pro boasts a chambray textile upper. This gives it a boost in the sneaker world and adds a touch of elegance to a simple shoe.

It's a low-top with a lovely lace-up system that holds slim laces, and a slim silhouette that, despite altering the sizing of the shoe itself, gives it an appeal amongst discerning sneakerheads who are looking for something new at Vans.

Founded by two brothers, Paul and Jim Van Doren, Vans Doren Rubber Company came into existence in the year 1966. It was in Anaheim, California that the two manufactured Vans shoes on-site and directly sold them to the public on the spot, too. This unique production and selling method was done by the two merely because they didn’t have much to rent out another space.

Fast forward to the early 70s, and Vans has captured a specific market in skateboarders. The ruggedness and the sticky soles were some of the main reasons that the brand attracted this crowd. Slowly, Vans gained traction, and a loyal following of fans was formed. This following consisted of skaters, sneaker collectors, even celebrity rock stars, and actors. Vans soon began not only to produce Vans skateboard shoes but ventured into making fashion shoes as well. It began to provide great kicks that were superb both on and off the board.

The Vans Chambray Authentic Lo Pro is a great example of such shoes. It has all the making of quality shoes utilizing technologies used by Vans but at the same time, do not boast being skateboard shoes. Instead, it looks like it has been made entirely for off-board activities, a welcome sight for many non-skateboarding individuals.

  • The Vans Chambray Authentic Lo Pro has micro waffle bottom outsoles.
  • It has a durable chambray textile upper.
  • For comfort, it also features a cushioned footbed.
  • Metal eyelets have also been added to better grip the laces.


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