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6 reasons to buy

  • According to some testers, the Speedform Sprint Pro 2 has excellent traction. 
  • It provides a locked-down fit.
  • Some appreciate the comfort it delivers. 
  • Many athletes claim that it enhances their speed. 
  • Several wearers laud the shoe’s great fit.
  • It gives sufficient support, remarked a few runners. 

2 reasons not to buy

  • Quite a few are disappointed with the shoe’s lack of durability. 
  • Some of the wearers claim it causes abrasion, especially on the ankle. 

Bottom line

A second iteration to the Under Armour Speedform Sprint Pro series, Speedform Sprint Pro 2 delivers stability and security. This track running spike offers a lightweight directional strength as it features its compression-fit upper. Sleek, ultra-lightweight, and sturdy- these are among some of the pronounced qualities of Under Armour's track shoe. Expect a powerful and explosive performance with the Speedform Sprint Pro 2. 

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Good to know

Use - Designed to deliver optimal performance on track surfaces, the Speedform Sprint Pro 2 is best suited for running events. These events are focused mainly on sprints and short-distance races that range from 100 meters to 400 meters. 

Spike Type - Pyramid spikes are ideal for track surfaces. That is why these are the spikes that are accommodated by the Speedform Sprint Pro 2. These are ¼- inch in diameter and help in securing maximum grip and traction. 

Spike Plate - Known for its durability and lightness, the Pebax® plate is equipped to the Speedform Sprint Pro 2. It keeps a good balance between flexibility and strength. Moreover, it also contributes to the excellent traction supplied by this track spike

  • The Under Armour Speedform Sprint Pro 2 is intended for a lightweight and durable running experience. To ensure this, this second version of the series has gone through some refinements.
  • This includes the integration of a full-length Pebax® plate into the outsole design. Prior to this, the first model only incorporated a ¾ length Pebax® plate. With the improved spike plate design, the shoe is meant for superior and durable traction. 
  • Moreover, the spike plate now has 8 spike receptacles intended for increased grip and traction. The previous model of the Speedform Sprint Pro lineup only featured 6 spike receptacles. 
  • However, one of the notable changes made to the Speedform Sprint Pro 2 is the elimination of the sharkskin in the heel. A component that is also intended for heightened grip on the surface. The same element is found in the Nike Zoom D

The Speedform Sprint Pro 2 is available in standard sizing scheme for both men and women. Thus, you can get a pair of these track spikes using your usual size preference. 

It is also advised that before proceeding to purchase, one should try on the shoe or go through user feedback to ensure that accurate size and fit.  

A Pebax® plate has become some sort of a commodity to track and field shoes. It is no surprise that the same component is also imparted to the configuration of the Under Armour Speedform Sprint Pro 2. It is an integral piece that maximizes the shoe’s rigidity-to-weight ratio. Further, it is also responsible for the traction and protection of the shoe from different hazardous elements.

Found in the midsole of the shoe is a seamless heel cup with silicone grip. It is intended for a supportive and stable running experience. It also secures a lockdown and irritation-free fit to the foot. 

Boasting its compression-fit upper, the shoe basically molds into the natural contours of the foot, eliminating the risk of slippage. This upper design also helps secure lockdown support. 

For structural integrity and durability, the shoe also features TPU film. This material covers the forefoot of the shoe. 

To keep a fresh foot environment, laser-etched perforations are added to the tongue and upper of the Speedform Sprint Pro 2. These allow a sufficient amount of air into the foot chamber.


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