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The Under Armour Project Rock 5 is the go-to shoe of gym rats who want to lift heavy for significant gains! This shoe keeps the feet safely planted on the ground while doing all the cleans and jerks necessary for muscle growth. It's not a surprise that The Rock Dwayne Johnson, an accomplished bodybuilder himself, works out and endorses this shoe.


  • An overall performer
  • Confidence-enhancing stability
  • Good craftsmanship
  • Responsive midsole
  • Grip is reliable
  • Fairly durable
  • Wraparound comfort
  • Suitable for wide-footers
  • Stylish


  • Not for running exercises
  • Clunky

Who should buy the Under Armour Project Rock 5

Aside from big fans of The Rock, the following are also good matches for this training shoe from Under Armour:

  • gym rats who spend plenty of hours in the gym pushing and pulling big stacks of weights
  • fitness enthusiasts who incorporate jumps, short sprints, and other explosive exercises in their workout regimen
  • wearers with wider feet

Under Armour Project Rock 5 ua-project-rock-5-collar

Who should not buy this training shoe from Under Armour

"Absolutely hated running in them," says one expert. With this, it's clear that this shoe is not really for those who incorporate a lot of running into their workout programs. The Under Armour HOVR Rise 3 might be a better option for them. 

Under Armour Project Rock 5 ua-project-rock-5-forefoot

The UA Project Rock 5 is also a little bit clunky. Those who want smoother strides are better off with the Under Armour Charged Commit TR 3.

Project Rock 5: A praiseworthy trainer

An expert describes this UA training shoe as "pretty well-rounded." Another even goes as far as saying that this trainer is "beyond perfect" so it easily becomes one of his favorites when he works out. 

Under Armour Project Rock 5 ua-project-rock-5-lateral

Stability is definitely the highlight

Because of the combined goodness of the supportive upper, dependable grip, and wide base, a fitness enthusiast says that his feet are "solidly planted on the floor." The Under Armour Project Rock 5 is definitely an "incredibly stable and secure shoe," another user says.

Great quality!

The Under Armour Project Rock 5, especially its upper, is a well-made trainer. A user describes it as "pretty well put together." 

Under Armour Project Rock 5 ua-project-rock-5-midfoot

Explosive movements? No problem

Aside from lifts, high jumps and other plyometric exercises are also supported by this training shoe. A user reports that the responsiveness of the midsole is good.

Trustworthy traction

An expert says that the base of the shoe "felt glued to the ground." Another agrees, saying that there is no slipping even on turf surfaces.

Under Armour Project Rock 5 ua-project-rock-5-sole

Durability is OK

According to one expert, the UA Project Rock 5 addresses the durability issues of the previous version. Because of this, it is fair to say that this training shoe can last long.

Experience comfort with the UA Project Rock 5

A wearer says that the Project Rock 5 "honestly feels great." The upper materials feel good on the skin, and they're quite responsive without being restrictive.

Under Armour Project Rock 5 ua-project-rock-5-forefoot2

Finally a shoe for wide-footers!

An avid reviewer shares that his "Hobbit-esque feet" seem to be "the perfect shape" for the Under Armour Project Rock 5. Another wide-footer says that this training shoe has "as perfect a fit as [he] could imagine." 

Project Rock 5: Performance and style

A reviewer shares that this Under Armour training shoe "exceeded expectations" when it comes to style. He says that he surely doesn't mind being spotted wearing this appealing shoe.

Under Armour Project Rock 5 ua-project-rock-5-rear