Who should buy the Under Armour HOVR Rise 3

This workout shoe from Under Armour will best suit the gym-goers whose routine involves a mix of:

  • HIIT / cardio / aerobics
  • moderate lifting and other weight training
  • short runs (1-2 miles)
  • anything in between

An expert reviewer calls it “a really good bet” for the above-mentioned activities. It is "ready to perform!"

The shoe doesn't disappoint in the style department either, as its "look calls so much attention." Another reviewer claims that "although [he] purchased for the looks, [he] was really impressed with the comfort and quality."

Under Armour HOVR Rise 3 brand logo

Who should NOT buy the trainer

If you are into some serious Crossfit with lots of heavy lifting, rope climbs, and demanding fitness goals in general, the HOVR Rise 3 is not the shoe for you. There is a more suitable UA shoe for that kind of training, the TriBase Reign 3. And if you want a high-performing Crossfit shoe that’s still comfortable enough for walking around, consider the Nike Metcon 7 or the Reebok Nano X1.

Under Armour HOVR Rise 3 vs. Rise 2: what’s new?

The Rise 3 has brought with it a few very welcome updates that really helped the shoe to step-up the game:

  • TriBase sole: this design has gained such a great reputation for the versatility it gives in other UA shoes, that any new trainer that uses it instantly draws attention;
  • Thicker HOVR cushioning: an expert noted that the midsole got bigger and “there is a lot of beef down here”;
  • More durable upper: the 3D mesh offers great abrasion resistance.

What got worse? The slight $10 increase in the original price.

But overall, the owners of both iterations agree that the shoe is worth it. A person who's bought all UA HOVR Rise iterations says that "the 1's were excellent, the 2's were better, and the 3's are even higher quality." Another one states that he "can't wait for the 4 series! I'll be the first in line to buy them."

Under Armour HOVR Rise 3 well-made

Versatility is at the core of the Rise 3

“It’s such a versatile shoe…not super-niche in any one category,” says an avid Crossfitter, adding that the trainer tackles a variety of jumping and lifting activities fairly well.

With the fusion of the HOVR midsole and the TriBase outsole, the shoe offers the following benefits:

  • grounded foot position
  • propulsive take-offs thanks to the forefoot flex
  • cushioned landings
  • lateral support for side to side movements

Under Armour HOVR Rise 3 tribase

Nice and responsive HOVR cushioning

Originally used in UA’s running shoes, the HOVR has a lot of fans. The reviewers find it excellent for plyometrics and agility-focused workouts as it not only keeps the feet cushioned but also propels you forward.

However, it’s not the same type of HOVR that could make Rise 3 a dedicated running shoe. Being part of a cross-training shoe, it would be too stiff and unforgiving for runs over 1-2 miles.

It is still considered okay for daily wear, with quite a few people taking it out and about on their casual walks.

Under Armour HOVR Rise 3 HOVR cushioning

It is a stable shoe but only for lifting light

An expert who performs some serious Olympic lifting does not recommend using the UA HOVR Rise 3 for weights over 435 lbs. You will notice the sole compressing and deteriorating much quicker if you do. But, he does find the shoe supportive for moderate loads less than that.

Many other reviewers agree that the Rise 3 feels planted and well-balanced for their regular strength training.

Under Armour HOVR Rise 3 stability

Got the grip

There should be no worry about slipping and sliding in the Rise 3. It’s got a solid rubber outsole and according to the feedback, a lot of traction across a variety of surfaces.

Under Armour HOVR Rise 3 is comfy and true to size

A vast number of reviewers claim the shoe to be true to its normal size. On top of that, the bootie design feels “very secure and comfortable,” keeping the foot locked in and preventing any heel slipping.

Other comments mentioned the upper "taking the shape of your feet” and the toebox having enough room so your toes "won’t feel scrunched up.”

Under Armour HOVR Rise 3 fit

It would be a highly durable shoe if not for the eyelets and laces

The long-term durability of the laces is questionable as they get frailed by the plasticky eyelets. Moreover, the eyelets themselves get cut through by the laces, losing their functional value.

Under Armour HOVR Rise 3 eyelets laces

Facts / Specs

Drop: Men 8mm
Update: Under Armour HOVR Rise 4
Use: HIIT, Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Release date: Jul 2021
Collection: Under Armour Hovr
BRAND Brand: Under Armour

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