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7 reasons to buy

  • Most users mentioned that the shoe felt sturdy and supportive.
  • ‘Lightweight’ was an adjective that was frequently found in several reviews.
  • A lot of users appreciated the vibrant colors of the shoe, as well as its design.
  • One reviewer mentioned that the shoe protected her feet from getting wet.
  • The grip of the shoe was very impressive, said a majority of reviewers.
  • Some testers appreciated that the shoe could be cleaned with minimal effort.
  • The lacing system was another highlight found in most reviews. Testers said that the tightness of the lacing stayed the same all throughout their runs.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Most reviewers observed that the shoe felt too tight or too small for their feet.
  • A few testers mentioned that the shoe heated up easily. They concluded that it was because of the film on the upper of the Under Armour Horizon KTV.
  • The film layer in the upper also made the shoe stiff, according to a number of reviews.
  • One tester observed that the color of the shoe’s interior wore off on his white socks after use.

Bottom line

The Horizon KTV is a neutral trail running shoe that has become Under Armour’s re-entry into the trail running category. Coming in with vibrant color variations, the Under Armour Horizon KTV was designed to allow runners to run faster and safer on various terrains. With the shoe’s reliable traction, secure lacing system, and durable upper, it seems that Under Armour’s entrance into the scene of trail running has become a smooth one.

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Good to know

  • The Under Armour Horizon KTV has a unique upper with a translucent ripstop material. Ripstop is a kind of fabric that was made using a special technique. This technique enhances the fabric’s durability and makes it resistant to tearing and ripping. On top of the tear-resistance, this material also covers and protects the foot when the runner is treading on rough terrain.
  • The shoe also features the Charged Cushioning foam on its midsole. More specifically, Under Armour placed the puck right under the heel of the shoe to bring a more responsive comfort to the runner. Not only that, but it also makes it possible for the runner to feel a charge of energy during the takeoff phase of the running gait cycle.
  • However, among all the features of the shoe, the highlight would have to be the Michelin outsole. Michelin has left their mark on the shoe in terms of the material used in the outsole, as well as the shoe’s lug pattern. The combination of these two touches allows the shoe to have exceptional grip no matter what the terrain condition is.

Runners will be able to get a pair of the Under Armour Horizon KTV in their usual shoe sizes. The shoe comes in standard shoe lengths, as well as standard width measurements. Also, the shoe mimics the natural curve of the foot, thereby allowing the foot to adapt to the shoe comfortably.

The outsole of the Under Armour Horizon KTV is laden with Michelin technology. Starting with the outsole material, it is made of the Michelin® OC outsole compound. The OC on this technology’s name stands for Outdoor Compound and that is exactly what it’s made for – the great outdoors. This robust rubber offers excellent grip and durability to the shoe. The runner won’t have to worry about a distressed outsole even when constantly trekking on difficult terrain.

The Michelin® Wild Dig Decent‘R outsole lug pattern is also a big player in providing the shoe with extraordinary traction and grip. This type of lug pattern sheds mud and debris, preventing the shoe from losing its grip because of trapped particles on the outsole. It was also designed to be suitable for any type of weather condition.

On the midsole, Under Armour made it possible for runners to feel a responsive ride, as well as a responsive kind of comfort with the Charged Cushioning foam. This foam material works by absorbing the impact made by a runner upon landing, and converting this impact into a rebound or a burst. This way, runners will feel a higher energy return with more of a spring with every step.

EVA foam is also incorporated into the midsole of the Under Armour Horizon KTV. This foam layer enhances the cushioning felt by the runner underfoot. It also aids in delivering a smooth ride to the runner and better shock attenuation during the impact phase of the running gait.

Having these two technologies on the midsole makes this area of the shoe look thick and bulky. Despite this, Under Armour made sure to design the shoe with a 7mm drop to promote a more dynamic movement of the foot and the shoe, and a natural stride.

Inside is an internal cleatie construction that hugs the foot at just the right amount. This sock-like design added to the inside of the shoe improves the comfort a runner feels when the shoe is put on. It also provides a secure fit, ensuring that the wearer’s foot isn’t moving around too much, creating a feeling of looseness during the run.

Focusing on the upper, it is made up of a fabric called ripstop. Ripstop fabrics are woven using a special technique that makes them resistant to wear and tear. Being an outdoor shoe, the upper made with ripstop fabric is appropriate to protect the foot from debris, as well as offer durability and tear-resistance to the shoe.

To keep the shoe cool, there are mesh panels and small perforations on the upper. These panels and holes allow air to go through the shoe to improve its ventilation, thereby reducing hot spots the runner feels when running.

The collar of the shoe is made up of a molded foam package to improve the comfort the shoe delivers on the ankle.


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