Our verdict


Though made of less flashy materials, the Under Armour Flow FUTR X 2 offers almost the same level of performance as the more expensive Curry 9. Because of this, many consider this takedown model as a worthy but much cheaper replacement for Stephen Curry's shoes. Given this, it's safe to say that money spent on this is money well spent.


  • Amazing traction on clean courts
  • Smooth steps
  • A ton of court feel
  • Comfortable wraparound
  • Nice accommodating fit
  • Extremely light
  • Outdoor use is OK
  • Dependable foot containment


  • Severe dust pickup
  • Cheap-feeling materials
  • Impact protection is lacking

Who should buy the Under Armour Flow FUTR X 2

This Under Armour takedown model offers high levels of performance, so it is a good pick for those who seek a cheaper alternative to Stephen Curry's signature kicks. Aside from more practical fans of Steph Curry's shoes, the following are also a good match for the Flow FUTR X 2:

  • Players with slightly wide feet
  • Lighter and more nimble players who want a good deal of court feel

Who should NOT buy this shoe from Under Armour

The Flow FUTR X 2 from Under Armour is not for bigger players and those athletes who need a lot of impact protection. They are better off with the Under Armour Lockdown 6.

This shoe is also not for those who prefer fancier materials. These kinds of wearers are better served by the more premium Under Armour Curry 9. This shoe is also more resistant to dust.

Enjoy a strong bite on clean courts

An expert shares that the bite of the Flow FUTR X 2's sole is "freaking amazing" on clean courts. He says that he is "stopping on a pin (not a dime)" because of how hard the bite is.

Dust is the FUTR X 2's number 1 nemesis

An avid reviewer agrees that the traction is good on well-kept courts even if it's not a squeaky shoe. However, when it's used on dirtier surfaces, he reports that this UA shoe "picks up a ton of dust."

OK but not the best for outdoors

Because of the strong bite and the durable sole, an expert says that the Under Armour Flow FUTR X 2 holds its own outdoors. However, he maintains that this is still not the best pick for outdoor use.

Heel-to-toe transition is nice

Two experts share that heel-to-toe transitions are pretty nice with the UA Flow FUTR X 2. One of them even says that "overall it's very very smooth." 

The UA Flow FUTR X 2 has an amazing court feel

Guards and players who do a lot of fine footwork are going to appreciate the midsole tooling of this UA shoe. Experts say that the shoe is very responsive and low to the ground. One even gleefully declares that this shoe has an "outstanding court feel."

Impact protection? It's just not there

"Compression isn't very nice," an avid reviewer says bluntly. There is very little to no impact protection, so you can expect hard strikes and landings to be quite painful.

The materials? They feel cheap

A player dislikes the quality of the shoe because the upper is made of "really cheap-feeling" materials. 

...but they get the job done

"Breathability on this sneaker was awesome!" declares an expert. Another reviewer says that this might be because the thin material allows a good amount of airflow through.

The thinness of the materials also allows the upper to break in "really easily and very very quickly" and conform to the shape of the foot "pretty well." 

No issues with support

Even if the upper feels cheap, an athlete says that it has "zero stretch to it." This makes the shoe "super supportive." 

Feel light in the Flow FUTR X 2

At only 10.55 ounces or 299 grams, the Under Armour Flow FUTR X 2 is a light basketball shoe. It's significantly lighter than the 13.5 oz (383 g) average we have on record. An expert says that this lightness makes you "feel like a ninja." 

Enjoy a roomier fit

"The toe box is extremely roomy," an expert says. The shoe is also made a little bit wider to accommodate wider feet.