Who should buy the Under Armour Fat Tire

Go for the Fat Tire from Under Armour if you need a trail shoe that:

  • is fit for fall and winter running
  • can double for road running
  • has a supportive fit

Under Armour Fat Tire under armour logo

Who should NOT buy it

If you're looking for a breathable running shoe, this is NOT it. And if you're a sucker for ground feel, skip this one. 

Under Armour Fat Tire forefoot

Rocks and roots won't hurt your feet

All experts agree that the outsole is "insanely thick," their feet never got "jabbed" by sharp stones. 

Under Armour Fat Tire outsole

Grippy on any surface

Whether it's on steep, muddy, rocky terrain, or fire roads the shoe's WildGripper outsole is impressively sticky. There are NO reports of slips even on uphill runs. 

Under Armour Fat Tire grip

So energetic, it feels like springs underfoot

"Responsive," "bouncy," " springy" - This is how trail runners describe the shoe's Charged cushioning

Under Armour Fat Tire ground feel

According to them, it's easy to pick up the pace in the Under Armour Fat Tire. The cushioning system encourages an efficient ride, said multiple testers. 

The UA Fat Tire is built to last

The overlays on the upper and the outsole combined together make a very sturdy shoe. There are reviewers who have already logged more than a hundred miles in the Fat Tire, and they still see no wear. 

Under Armour Fat Tire durable

A shoe that takes care of the feet

Apart from delivering a very energetic ride, the shoe's Charged midsole also highlights comfort. There's so much cushion in the Under Armour Fat Tire; not one runner has complained about aching feet or legs. 

Under Armour Fat Tire toe box

According to them, the shoes "pampers" the feet so well; their feet "barely felt" the impact, especially when running through rocky terrains.

This is THE definition of snug

It has a boot-like wrap and its upper follows the shape and size of the foot. A lot of reviewers claim that this is one of their favorite features of the shoe. 

Under Armour Fat Tire fit

Even when cornering, their feet stay in place.

Under Armour Fat Tire rearfoot

Looks clunky, feels clunky

At 13 oz (US M 9), critics can't help but agree that the Under Armour Fat Tire is "WAY too heavy." 

Under Armour Fat Tire under armour fat tire

The UA Fat Tire is a sponge 

Although it has a moisture-wicking upper, there have been numerous reports of it "collecting" moisture. This only makes it weigh more.

Under Armour Fat Tire toe room

What's worse is it's "very warm." 

Not pocket-friendly

At $150, many find it "expensive." 

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Trail
Weight: Men 13oz / Women 10.9oz
Drop: 10mm
Arch support: Neutral
Update: Under Armour Fat Tire 3
Forefoot height: 23mm
Heel height: 33mm

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Jens Jakob Andersen

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