Who should buy the Under Armour Curry 4 Flotro

This basketball shoe from Under Armour suits the following:

  • athletes who play mostly indoors
  • guards and lighter players who love a lot of court feel
  • players who have narrow to medium-sized feet
  • athletes who have or strive to have the same style of play as Stephen Curry

Who should NOT buy this Curry shoe from Under Armour

Stephen Curry is a nimble player whose shoes are big on responsiveness and court feel. Those who need a lot of cushioning may want to look for something else. The Under Armour Embiid One is a good alternative. If they are willing to try other brands, the LeBron 19 from Nike Basketball does not disappoint when it comes to impact protection.

This Curry 4 Flotro is also not the best outdoor option. Among Stephen Curry's shoes, it is the Under Armour Curry 7 that serves outdoor hoopers better. The Puma Clyde All-Pro and the Nike Zoom Freak 2 are great pricks from other brands.

The Curry 4 Flotro has excellent traction

An expert is happy to share that the Under Armour Curry 4 Flotro has "amazing top-tier traction" and that it "stops really really hard."  Another avid reviewer adds that he does not have to wipe even once when he plays on an unkempt court. With this, it is safe to say that the outsole of this shoe is quite resistant to dust. 

Smooth steps with the Curry 4 Flotro

A reviewer points out that both the rear and front ends of this basketball shoe are rounded. When it is viewed sideways, it can be seen that the outsole has a "really really pronounced" U-shape. This results in an "extremely smooth" heel-to-toe transition.

Impressive court feel; so-so impact protection

According to a player, the UA Curry 4 Flotro is low to the ground and responsive; hence, the court feel that it provides is really pronounced. However, this comes with one drawback. He says that this setup is "not super nice" when it comes to compression and impact protection. This holds true even if, as an expert shares, the Flow setup used in this model is already the "better one in terms of the density" when compared to other shoes in Stephen Curry's line.

Snug as a sock

An avid reviewer is happy that this basketball shoe from Under Armour has a one-to-one fit that he describes as "very comfortable." He says further that the original Under Armour Curry 4 already has a sock-like fit that pleases him, but the current Flotro version is still able to "take that notion to a whole new level!" 

Another avid reviewer adds that while this Under Armour basketball shoe is generally form-fitting, the toe area still has adequate wiggle room.

The Curry 4 Flotro wraps around the foot comfortably

Two basketball players are so pleased with the upper materials. One says that the materials are "very very nice" and "feel super premium"; the other adds that they are "really really soft." 

It is soft but still supportive

An expert points out that while the upper materials are indeed soft and quite comfortable, they are still rigid enough to deliver adequate lockdown. He also adds that the shoe has a fairly prominent heel cup, and it does a great job of keeping the foot in place during aggressive side-to-side movements. 

Another reviewer says that the upper is able to hug the foot in a "very nice way." 

A pretty light experience

At only 11 oz (312 g), the Under Armour Curry 4 Flotro feels very light and minimal on the foot, reinforcing the sock-like effect that its materials already have. This figure is a lot lower than the average weight of the shoes that we have on record: 13.5 oz (383 g). Aside from being light, an expert also points out that this basketball shoe is not big and chunky at all. It has a streamlined look and structure that maximize speed.

Under Armour Curry 4 Flotro: For indoor use only

The Flow midsole is exposed. While the bite is strong, the foam material is expectedly not as durable as the conventional rubber outsoles. Because of this, using this basketball shoe outdoors compromises its longevity.

Play in style in the Curry 4 Flotro

This basketball shoe has a pretty streamlined appearance. A reviewer points out that the Curry 4 Flotro shoes "look really really nice" on his feet.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 11oz
Base model: Under Armour Curry 4
Top: High
Signature: Stephen Curry
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Collection: Under Armour Curry
Features: Retro / Ankle support

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