Who should buy the Under Armour Blur Smoke MC

This football cleat from Under Armour is suitable for the following:

  • footballers who play as wide receivers, running backs, and other posts that are more reliant on speed
  • athletes with narrow to normal-sized feet
  • players who routinely alternate between grass and turf surfaces

Who should NOT buy this football cleat from Under Armour

Footballers who need a lot of support will be left hanging by the Under Armour Blur Smoke MC. The Under Armour Spotlight MC is more suitable for them, having the capacity to deliver exceptional containment.

Those who have wider feet are clearly not the target of this UA football cleat. If they are willing to take on other brands, the Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360 is a good pick because it has a more versatile fit and is actually available in wider variants.

Hit the ground running with the UA Blur Smoke MC!

Several players are commenting that this football cleat "feels broken in already" straight out of the box! This surely saves a lot of time, energy, and probable pain and blisters.

Exceptional traction, anyone?

According to one expert, the traction is "easily [his] favorite aspect" because it digs in so well and provides the stability needed for quick cuts and mounting strong resistance. He says further that while the stud configuration is built for grass, they are expected to work on the turf just as well.

Enjoy an amazing fit

When it comes to fit, players from all over say that it is nice, great, and "to the size" of their feet. Given these, it's fair to declare that this cleat clings to the foot nicely and comfortably.

Support is not the best

It's ironic, but it must also be noted here that while the fit is nice and the upper truly provides comfort, the materials aren't firm enough to be sufficiently responsive. Even the laces are stretchy! An expert regrets that we can "never get a true lockdown" if the shoe is used as-is. Replacing the laces with something more firm can help.

The Under Armour Blur Smoke MC is light. Seriously!

Football cleats are not always the lightest, so it's kinda big when the Blur Smoke gets described by players as "super lightweight" that it feels like "you have no cleats on!" One of them goes as far as saying that this shoe is "pretty comparable to soccer cleats." Soccer cleats, of course, are widely known for being very light.

This observation is confirmed when we look at the actual figures. The UA Blur Smoke MC is at 8.9 oz (252 g) while the football cleats average is at a whopping 11.4 oz (323 g). 

Play football in style in this cleat

The Under Armour Blur Smoke MC is not only about performance, it serves killer looks as well. Players love the "clean colors, clean shape" while an expert believes that this is "definitely one of the sharper cleats" on the market.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 8.9oz
Top: Low
Closure: Lace-up
Material: Synthetic, Textile/Mesh
Stud type: Molded
BRAND Brand: Under Armour
Width: D-Medium

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