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3 reasons to buy

  • More than half of the purchasers were satisfied with the shoe’s performance during cross-training sessions.
  • The style and color options of the trainer appealed to most reviewers.
  • Some customers mentioned that the shoe ran true to size and offered a spot-on fit.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A good number of wearers complained about the stiff heel in the upper; it rubbed against their skin causing discomfort and blisters.
  • More than a few people were disgruntled by the shoe’s fit; for them, it felt tight and uncomfortable.
  • The sole lacked cushioning, according to several users.

Bottom line

The Under Armour BAM received mixed reviews from the buyers. On the one hand, it was considered visually appealing but, on the other hand, there were quite a few criticisms about various aspects of the trainer. While about half of the users were able to attain the right fit and enjoyed using the shoe for their workouts, the other half was put off by the pinching and chafing sensations caused by the trainer. Due to the controversies, the shoe has not become the customers’ top pick.    

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Good to know

  • The Under Armour BAM is designed for people who want a reliable workout shoe that won't falter during grueling gym sessions. It sports a low-cut design to promote ankle mobility during plyometrics and sprints. The knitted upper material facilitates forefoot flexion needed for lunges and running.
  • The midsole is made of the ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam with a Charged Cushioning heel reinforcement. Atop the midsole is the full-length EVA footbed. The combination of the three components delivers a platform which effectively absorbs shock and delivers responsive cushioning that won’t leave feet feeling tired at the end of a workout session.
  • Rubber lines the bottom of the shoe. It protects the midsole from becoming worn out too quickly. It also provides traction on most indoor and outdoor surfaces.

The Under Armour BAM is only available in men’s sizes. Lengthwise, it follows the standard shoe measurements. As for the width, it only comes in a D - Medium profile. 

The underside of the Under Armour BAM is protected by solid rubber. The compound is made to withstand the harsh elements of indoor and outdoor surfaces. It also features a micro-traction tread pattern that enhances the gripping capability. Some sections of the unit extend upwards to protect the midsole against abrasion.

This workout shoe from Under Armour employs a full-length EVA foam midsole. The cushioning technology is engineered to absorb shock and keep the foot comfortable and supported during training.

The heel section features an extra Charged Cushioning unit. This dense foam is designed to be responsive and assists in the smooth heel-to-toe transition as well as reducing the impact during heel strike.

Inside is a die-cut EVA footbed. This second layer of foam enhances the shock attenuation of the midsole to keep the foot cozy for extended periods.

The upper of the Under Armour BAM is made of knitted fabric and synthetic materials. The one-piece knitted fabric makes up the forefoot section of the upper and promotes foot flexion. A synthetic overlay serves as the toe cap and protects the toes against bumps during sled pushes and burpees.

The molded rear quarter panel gives the upper its structure. It also provides extra padding to the rearfoot to keep it supported and steady during workouts. It features perforations that promote aeration of the foot chamber.

The trainer utilizes a lace-up closure with dynamic webbed eyelets that wraps the sides of the foot. This construction aims to deliver a locked-down fit at the heel and the instep areas as the dynamic webbed eyelets become taut when the laces are cinched.

The tongue and collar are both padded. The tongue keeps the instep comfortable by preventing the laces from digging into the skin. As for the collar, aside from keeping the heel from sliding out of the shoe, it also ensures that the ankle area doesn’t chafe. A pull loop is attached at the back of the collar and makes it easy to slip on the shoe.

The shoe also comes in a military-inspired "Valor" colorway. The Under Armour BAM Valor is available in navy blue and sage green and features a camouflage print on the midsole.


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