Our verdict


Runners and sports enthusiasts welcomed the performance of Xero Shoes Speed Force. This running companion is deemed responsive and comfortable to wear not only for running but also for casual walks. People are also impressed with the shoe’s lightweight structure, gripping ability, flexible outsole and breathable upper. Overall, the Xero Shoes Speed Force met the expectations of consumers and many reviewers have testified about it.


  • Lightweight
  • Responsive
  • Flexible platform
  • Supportive
  • Suitable for other activities
  • Snug fit without pressure
  • Stylish
  • Stretchy upper
  • Versatile tractions
  • Breathable upper


  • Narrow fit
  • Less suitable for heel-strikers

Who should buy the Xero Shoes Speed Force

You will love the Xero Shoes Speed Force if:

  • You want a shoe that is designed with a balance of style, comfort, and function
  • You want a minimalist neutral running shoe that can also be used for activities other than running and marathons.

Xero Shoes Speed Force xero

Xero's FeelTrue technology in the outsole

In the outsole of the shoe is a durable rubber material called FeelTrue®. This type of outsole is perfect for barefoot running. It is a high-abrasion material that is strong enough to protect the foot from sharp rocks and hard surfaces. This flexible outsole also allows the foot to bend, flex and move naturally. 

Xero Shoes Speed Force feeltrue

The tread pattern in the FeelTrue® rubber outsole also improves the shoe’s gripping performance.

Xero Shoes Speed Force forefoot

Reduce foot and knee pain with the Xero Shoes Speed Force midsole

The Xero Shoes Speed Force uses the XERO-drop sole that helps reduce foot and knee pain. With zero drop platform, the forefoot and heel sections have the same distance from the ground. This material provides better ground contact and helps the runner maintain good balance and agility. Other running shoes that have zero drop midsoles are the Altra Escalante 1.5 and Altra Torin 3.0. 

Xero Shoes Speed Force midsole

The Xero Shoes Speed Force’s midsole offers just-right protection, support, and comfort to the foot. The shoe’s wide toe box and non-elevated heel help the user maintain proper posture while walking or running. 

Xero Shoes Speed Force flexible

Xero Shoes Speed Force side

The shoe has a removal insole, allowing the user to adjust the amount of cushioning and barefoot feel. 

Xero Shoes Speed Force inner

Dry and lightweight running experience with the Xero Shoes Speed Force upper

The upper of Xero Shoes Speed Force is made up of a silky smooth lining that delivers a real barefoot feeling. It is lightweight and breathable, keeping the foot dry and comfortable all day long. 

Xero Shoes Speed Force mesh1

Xero Shoes Speed Force laces

Xero Shoes Speed Force side to side

Xero Shoes Speed Force very