Profile of the Wilson Rush Pro 2.5

Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 remains to be a high-performance all-court footgear with a chock-full of technologies focused on three tenets:

  • the integration of the 3D-FS innovation that offers explosive speed and precision
  • Wilson applied a low-to-the-ground structure to this model to achieve exceptional court contact
  • the shoe comes with an inner sock construction for enhanced stability.

On top of it all, this premium shoe is backed by a six-month outsole guarantee, which is almost synonymous to saying: It’s a heavy-duty pro.


Composition. Belonging to the third generation of the Rush Pro squad, this tennis trainer shares the same Duralast outsole as those in the previous models. A specially designed rubber compound, the Duralast is devised with an enhanced abrasion-resistant feature. 

Design. Made with an altered herringbone tread pattern, this shoe can survive an extended period on any surface. It is also crafted with an exceptional traction level that permits quick push-offs and sudden stops. 

Durability proof. The durability guarantee tag attached to this model is an indication that the brand is committed to keeping the outsole in tip-top shape for a minimum of six months. Such a one-time warranty gives the user a chance to replace this pair should the outsole develop a substantial amount of damage half a year from the time of purchase.


Cushioning. The R-DST+, a level higher than the standard cushioning, is engineered using compressed EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). This technology is added into the sole to cushion the foot and grant a dynamic rebound as the user push for shot after shot.  

Underfoot support. This trainer relies on the Pro Torque Chassis to deliver paramount support even across challenging shots. This bridge under the arch is intended to ensure torsion control and stability as the player accelerates inside the court. 

Heel-to-toe drop. The Dynamic Fit grants a low-to-the-ground feel that’s equivalent to a 6mm heel-to-toe drop. This height gives the user optimum agility as it offers a close-to-the-court contact. 


Outer membrane. The marginal layering of mesh and synthetics make up the upper. The technology applied in the construction is Sensifeel that’s aimed to deliver a supportive and comfortable feel while keeping the weight at a minimal level. 

Inner layer. Inside the shoe is the Endofit, a sock construction that molds to the shape of the foot. Such a system is added to deliver a snug fit and prevent the foot from slipping inside as the player performs forceful moves. 

Support system. Another source of stability is the 3D-FS, which runs through the midfoot to the forefoot like a built-in caging system.

Nice to know

  • Succeeding this version is the fourth-generation model, the Wilson Rush Pro 3.0.
  • Two generations before the Rush Pro 2.5 are the initial profile or the Wilson Rush Pro and the Wilson Rush Pro 2.0.


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