Our verdict


If you're still on the fence about joining the barefoot movement, perhaps the Tracker II FG can convince you to finally jump on the bandwagon. Sporting this hiker from Vivobarefoot will transform you into a conqueror of rough terrain while giving you an extraordinary ground feel. It will get you through bad weather as well.


  • Definitely featherweight
  • Super-comfy on day one
  • Waterproof
  • Cozy in the cold
  • 10/10 sensitivity
  • Supportive collar
  • Protective toe box
  • Fashionable


  • Shockingly expensive
  • Tight instep
  • Could be cushier underfoot

Who should buy the Vivobarefoot Tracker II FG

The Tracker II FG's combination of great qualities and capabilities pushes the minimalist envelope forward. Purchase it if:

  • Barefoot hiking boots that give remarkable wet and cold weather protection are what you need.
  • Having a greater sense of whatever's underneath is high on your hiking preference list.
  • You've been searching for hiking boots that would look good on you, even in a casual setting.
  • You want something that's ideal on firm ground. FG stands for firm ground, after all.

Who should NOT buy it

If your budget is somewhat limited at this time, skip the Tracker II FG for the considerably cheaper Xero Shoes Alpine. This winter-ready alternative is also devoid of criticisms concerning fit. And if you need something a bit more supple underfoot, check out the Fairbanks Omni-Heat Boot instead.

Updates to the Vivobarefoot Tracker II FG

Compared with the first Tracker FG, the featured barefoot hiker (the men's version, at least) is lighter by 138 g per boot. Its grippy lugs have also been given a depth boost of 0.5 mm, providing trail-goers extra slip resistance on soft-soiled terrain.

Exceptional lightness in every pair

Professional bloggers are definitely floored by the weightlessness of the Tracker II FG. Here are some of their convincing remarks:

  • "Light and liberating."
  • "Delightfully lightweight."
  • "Very freeing to hike in."
  • "It’s easy to forget you're wearing actual hiking boots."

Instant comfort in the Tracker II FG

The Vivobarefoot Tracker II FG gives "relaxing, almost slipper-like comfort," says a critic. It's "incredibly comfortable with zero rubbing," says another.

No crying in the rain

Gear pundits are quite impressed with the waterproof performance of the Vivobarefoot Tracker II FG, with one saying that it's "waterproof enough to put up with a storm." A vlogger among them is more descriptive, saying, "it was pouring; it was really muddy, but these boots handled that weather really well."

Its asking price is no joke

The boot's "price tag isn't as lightweight as the materials," laments a footwear maven. Indeed, the Tracker II FG at $260 a pair is pretty expensive, considering that the average price of hiking boots is $196. A female YT influencer even said that she would keep the boot in question if its price were anywhere between $100 and $120.

Stops the chill dead in its tracks

Experts adore the boot's provision of warmth deeply. It provides "Goldilocks-zone toastiness in colder conditions," says one of them, while another simply calls the shoe "perfect for freezing cold days." Yet another vlogger is astounded by the Tracker II FG's coziness, saying that he could feel the coolness of the snow, but his feet never got cold.

Responsive rides in the Tracker II FG

With its stellar underfoot sensitivity, this kick from Vivobarefoot will make you "walk/run more intelligently" (as a professional reviewer puts it). One other critic was also able to pay more attention to the rocks and roots in front of him, all thanks to the responsiveness of the boot's sole unit.

Reassuring ankle zone

"The boots do have really good ankle support" and "out of this world" are two such remarks that commend the bracing collar of the Tracker II FG.

Might not be for adventurers with a high instep

There are those who find the instep section of the Tracker II FG a bit on the tighter side. The professional reviewer among them advises you to size up accordingly, especially if you're planning to wear thick socks.

Shield-like around the forefoot

This day hiker has a "surprisingly solid toe box," according to a blogger. Its stoutness can shield the toes from bumpy rocks and jutting roots.

Not-so-impressive cushioning

While critics are aware that most barefoot hiking shoes and boots trade underfoot cushioning for sensitivity, they still would like the Tracker II FG to have a cushier sole unit. One of them says that its "lack of cushioning isn't for everyone", particularly less-experienced users. "These boots just don't have enough cushioning for me," says a female blogger with a disappointed tone.

Tracker II FG equals stylish outings

The Vivobarefoot Tracker II FG is also quite posh, according to experienced trail-goers. "Everybody comments on how cool they are," says a gear tester among them. A non-professional reviewer, on the other hand, proudly calls the featured day hiking boot "deliciously gorgeous."