Our verdict


The Vittoria 1976 Classic shoe has been in the industry before Velcros and carbon soles were a thing. And it is still recognized today mainly because of its retro looks and time-tested performance. It is also loved due to its versatility in terms of connecting to the bike as it is available in recessed SPD cleats that can be used with toe clips and as a flat bike shoe.


  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Stylish
  • Walkable
  • Reasonable price
  • No hotspots
  • Lightweight
  • Molds to foot


  • Flexible soles
  • Old-fashioned closure
  • Narrow

Who should buy Vittoria 1976 Classic

The Vittoria 1976 Classic shoe is an all-around road bike footwear that's entirely handmade in Italy. It is also recognized as somewhat of an icon during the golden age of cycling but remains relevant today thanks to its comfort and performance that modern riders look for.

Please note that this review covers the SPD nylon version of the 1976 Classic shoe. A full unidirectional carbon sole is also available at a much higher price point.

The 1976 Classic will suit the cyclists who value the following elements in their footgear:

  • Footwear that drains and dries quickly
  • Multiple ways to connect to the bike
  • Stiff enough soles
  • Retro style

Vittoria 1976 Classic made in Italy

Vittoria 1976 Classic: Not for time trial nor turbo sessions

For those who are used to super-stiff soles, you might find the Vittoria 1976 Classic lacking in stiffness. While some may not be satisfied with its stiffness, some users appreciate its walkability capacity.

Vittoria 1976 Classic outsole

This compromise between stiffness and walkability means that this shoe is not an ideal pair if you want to beat your old record nor for turbo sessions.

Vittoria 1976 Classic cleat

Vittoria cycling shoe with traditional closure

The 1976 Classic cycling shoe from Vittoria does not feature the modern BOA nor velcro closures; it shows off the traditional lace-up closure. However, not everyone is happy with this design and wants a retention system that provides on-the-go adjustments. 

Vittoria 1976 Classic closure

With its 14-point lace closure, the shoe is infinitely adjustable. Fit adjustments allow the wearer to spread pressure across the top of the shoe.

Flex that timeless look

Many buyers find this shoe's retro design to be aesthetically appealing.

Vittoria 1976 Classic style

It has the timeless design of historical models that were made over 30 years ago.

You may also consider these models

Pearl Izumi Tour Road. This pair shares the same lace-up closure, retro looks, not too stiff soles, and versatile cleat features as the 1976 Classic. However, this shoe might be for you if you are on a budget as it is available at $130 versus the Vittoria's $180.

Vittoria 1976 Classic low top and perforations

Giro Empire SLX. This shoe's highlights are its uber lightweight, breathable feel, and unique style. If you are after these elements and have a budget of $375 to spare, you are to experience a shoe created alongside pro cyclist Taylor Phinney.