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The Vionic Tokyo provides flexibility and comfort for all-day wear. It has the 1st Ray technology, a feature that provides flexibility under the big toe joint. The shoe's Advanced Motion System footbed supports the arch while cradling the heel and the forefoot for a secure foothold. It comes highly recommended by those who suffer from chronic foot and knee pain.


  • Comfortable everyday wear
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Great arch support
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile style


  • Tight toe box
  • Requires a break-in period

Who should buy the Vionic Tokyo

The Vionic Tokyo might suit you well if:

  • You are looking for a shoe with the ability to alleviate foot pains and other discomforts in your lower extremities.
  • A sneaker that would not tire and weigh your feet down is what you are after. 
  • You love wearing walking shoes with a sporty appeal. 

Vionic Tokyo Buy1

Who should not buy the Vionic Tokyo

This walking shoe might be for folks looking for a walking companion that offers comfort straight out of the box because its arch support could feel too hard for some and needs some getting used to. Also, several wearers attest that the front of this pair of walking shoes is tight, causing their toes to go numb or fall asleep. That said, the Vionic Tokyo might not be for people who have a wide foot profile. They are better of with the Skechers Summits.

Vionic Tokyo Not Buy2

The comfiness of the Vionic Tokyo

A majority of the owners find the Vionic Tokyo comfortable to wear for daily walks and traveling.

Vionic Tokyo Comfort1

A pain-free experience

The podiatrist-designed orthotic insole helps relieve foot pain and knee discomfort, say many reviewers. Moreover, folks who just had surgery and need a shoe that would protect and support their feet found the Vionic Tokyo very helpful. A wearer was even delighted that he does not have to spend extra dollars to buy insoles because the footbed of the shoe is enough for his condition. 

Vionic Tokyo Insole1

Supportive arch section

Multiple wearers with a high instep and those who suffer from overpronation appreciate the arch support on the Vionic Tokyo. Furthermore, its "supportive arch section and wide toe box could accommodate feet with bunions well." It could also keep the pressure off the heel and deliver a pleasant walking experience. 

Vionic Tokyo Arch1

Light and easy

It is easy to take long walks when you're wearing this shoe because it doesn't weigh that much, as stated by a bunch of folks.

Vionic Tokyo Light1

Mix and match champ

Plenty of wearers love the athletic style of this Vionic walking trainer; it goes well with casual clothing.

Vionic Tokyo Style1

Attracting repeat buyers

Some wearers bought a second pair of the Vioic Tokyo because of the difference in how their feet felt, thanks to the shoe's excellent blend of comfort and style. 

Vionic Tokyo Repeat Buyers1

For Vionic Satima fans

Wearers and fans of the Vionic Satima were somewhat disappointed when that model was discontinued. One wearer was not so happy because it was the only shoe that worked well for his neuromas and plantar fasciitis during workouts. That said, the Vionic Tokyo can be an excellent replacement for the Satima or can be more than a replacement like "an upgrade" as stated by this wearer. The Vionic Tokyo "feels and looks like the Satima, just a different name."

Vionic Tokyo Like Satima1