Vionic Roza: Pain-free and in style

The Vionic Roza is a slip-on trainer designed with comfort at the forefront. The mesh upper snugly wraps the foot with the aid of the elastic bands on either side of the instep. It also comes with a contoured EVA insole that supports the arch. The Roza's bottom features durable rubber, suitable for walking on concrete, tiles, and cobblestones.

Ladies who would enjoy the Vionic Roza include those:

  • with flat feet to prevent overpronation
  • with high arches who tend to walk on the outside of their feet
  • who suffer from plantar fasciitis as the pressure at the heel is decreased when the arch is supported
  • who have bunions as the mesh top with the roomy toebox accommodate their unique forefoot shape

Nice to know

Vionic advices consumers to wear its shoes and sandals a few hours the first few days to break them in.

To clean the Roza, use a damp cloth to wipe the dirt away. Be sure to air dry it away from direct sunlight.

The use of solvents or submerging the whole shoe underwater is not recommended as it could compromise the footwear's integrity.


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Olesya Kryakvina
Olesya Kryakvina

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