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8 reasons to buy

  • Comfort: An overwhelming majority of reviewers rave about the comfort that the Vionic Pismo provides. Some even added that they bought multiple pairs because of this reason.
  • Good looks: Most buyers find this shoe to be cute, adorable, and stylish.
  • Support: A lot of wearers appreciate the walking shoe's support as it helps alleviate their pain due to a number of foot issues.
  • Slip-on: Several owners love the Pismo's slip-on function with a lace-up design.
  • Light: This model feels very lightweight, according to a number of users.
  • Praises: Some commenters express delight whenever they receive compliments from strangers - both young and old.
  • Versatile: A couple of individuals like that the shoe is easy to pair with most outfits.
  • Price: A few purchasers applaud the footwear's excellent value for money.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Gusseted tongue: A handful of wearers gripe at how the gusseted tongue's strap leaves a mark.
  • Traction: A few reviewers say that it doesn't have enough grip for slippery surfaces.

Bottom line

A walking footwear that's perfect for summer, the Vionic Pismo gets high remarks for delivering its promises: breathable, light, comfortable, and eco-conscious. Individuals also love how it looks compared to the majority of orthopedic shoes.

With the Vionic pair's affordable price tag and many benefits, a lot of people aren't phased by its misfires. If you're after a stylishly laidback walking shoe that ticks the essentials, the Vionic Pismo may be an excellent addition to your collection.

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Vionic Pismo: A summer-perfect walking companion

Everything about the Pismo screams summer - from its light, breathable and comfortable uppers to its fun colorways and hassle-free closure mechanism. More importantly, it delivers comfort and pain-relief for individuals who experience foot issues thanks to the brand's signature Vio-Motion Support midsole design.

Who is it for? The Vionic Pismo is a women's exclusive walking shoe that is recommended for ladies who are after the following attributes:

  • Ethically produced shoes
  • Stylishly minimal aesthetic yet efficient walking footwear
  • Individuals with foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis and bunions
  • Slip-on walking shoes with the lace-up's sporty good looks
  • Removable footbed to accommodate customized ones
  • Breathable and light shoes

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Skechers Arch Fit. This Skechers shoe is an excellent alternative to the Pismo if you are after a shoe with more upper structure and a bit off heel height. The Arch Fit is also more sporty-looking and weighs heavier than the Pismo. It's similar to the Pismo as it has a motion control arch support, lace-up's retro looks, and upper fabric material. Get this Skechers footwear if these features are more in your lane, and if you have a bit of extra budget, it is priced a little higher than the Vionic Pismo.


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