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5 reasons to buy

  • Comfy: According to many owners, the Vionic Kani's upper is soft and feels good to wear.
  • Support: Numerous reviewers appreciate the arch support provided by this Vionic walking shoe.
  • Pain-free: Plenty of folks who suffer from plantar fasciitis claim relief when wearing this walking trainer.
  • Breathable: Many people appreciate the cut-outs because they help aerate the inside of the footgear.
  • Stylish: This pair of walking shoes looks good when worn with pants, shorts, capris, skirts, and summer dresses, say a bunch of shoppers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Durability: Some wearers have complained that the suede top stretches with use, thus becoming loose-fitting.
  • Fit: A few people have pointed out that their toes feel cramped when wearing this slip-on walking shoe.

Bottom line

The Vionic Kani is designed for casual wear. Its suede top with elastic sides locks the foot in, while the cut-outs ensure your feet won't get sweaty as you go about your day. It features a contoured footbed that prevents overpronation and helps relieve foot pain.

The shoe comes highly recommended by those who need under arch support in their walking trainers.



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Vionic Kani: Walking is a breeze

There's nothing more annoying than having sweaty, icky feet, especially in the summer. Here's where the Vionic Kani comes in. The flowery cut-outs on the top of this walking shoe aren't just for style, as those are holes that let your feet breathe. Cool air comes in unobstructed, while heat from the inside quickly dissipates.

On top of that, the interior is lined with soft leather to ensure no chafing. It also makes for easy cleanup, in case things get a bit sticky or stinky. People who would enjoy wearing this slip-on Vionic walking shoe include those:

  • who need arch support;
  • with flat feet;
  • who overpronate;
  • who suffer from heel pain;
  • who want an airy pair of walking shoes.

Nice to know

The footbed of the Vionic Kani is removable. If the arch support seems insufficient, you can easily swap it for a custom orthotic.

The outsole is made of rubber, and the use of wavy siping adds to the grip on smooth surfaces.

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