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7 reasons to buy

  • All of the owners were in agreement that the Vibram FiveFingers Signa worked great in draining water fast and that it also dried quickly.
  • The traction of the outsole was highly praised by the majority of wearers because it was able to grip not only wet, smooth surfaces but also rocky terrains covered in moss.
  • Many reviewers lauded the comfort offered by the shoe during water activities, treks, hikes, and even light exercises.
  • Numerous people liked the style of the trainer.
  • The lightweight nature of the footwear was enjoyed by plenty of shoppers.
  • A fair number of consumers were pleased with how flexible the sole unit was because it allowed their feet to move freely.
  • The upper hugged the foot just right, according to multiple users.

5 reasons not to buy

  • The fit of the Vibram FiveFingers Signa irked a minority of buyers; some claimed it was small and narrow while others stated that the fit was too loose that it can be removed from the foot by flowing water.
  • A handful of critics were not satisfied with the durability and quality because the pull loop tore off, parts of the outsole started to peel off, and some stitchings caused discomfort in the toe section.
  • The outsole was too thin and did not provide enough protection against uneven terrain.
    A couple of individuals ranted that sand got trapped inside the shoe which resulted in discomfort.
  • Though there were comments that the fabric gets tighter when wet, the material lost its stretchy characteristic when frequently used in hot tubs and chlorinated water.
  • A commenter complained that the high collar caused chafing at the Achilles tendon.

Bottom line

The Vibram FiveFingers Signa received lots of positive feedback from water sports enthusiasts. It drained water well and offered reliable traction on wet surfaces. However, there were complaints regarding the fit and overall durability of the trainer. But in the end, it came highly recommended because it protected the foot during water-based activities.

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Good to know

  • The FiveFingers Signa from Vibram is a shoe intended to be worn for water activities. It is made of thin materials that allow it to dry quickly. Drainage ports are also abundant throughout the shoe which allows water to leave the foot chamber quickly.
  • This minimalist trainer uses the brand’s Wavegrip innovation for both the outsole and the midsole. It is manufactured to deliver exceptional grip on wet metal and wood surfaces like those found on yachts or docks.

The Vibram FiveFingers Signa is a shoe that caters to both male and female athletes who enjoy water activities. Buyers should be mindful of the fact that Vibram offers its own sizing scheme that does not come in half sizes. This model is offered in the brand's sizes from EU 38 to 50 for men and EU 36 to 42 for women. These measurements are equivalent to US sizes 7 to 15 and 6 to 9.5, respectively. It is presented only in medium profiles, D for gentlemen and B for ladies, but because of the stretchy upper fabric, it can accommodate broader foot shapes. Like any other Vibram Five Fingers training shoe, it features separate pockets for each toe. To achieve the right fit, you need to enter your toes first and then slip on the heel section.

The Vibram FiveFingers Signa is equipped with the Wavegrip outsole. This proprietary rubber technology is designed with a tread pattern that provides traction specifically for marine surfaces and other wet conditions. The soft nature of the platform allows it to adhere to metal or wood surfaces for maximum surefootedness. It is also made to be non-marking, so it will not leave unsightly streaks on yacht floors.

There are micro-sipings and drainage channels throughout the unit. These openings help to drain water out of the shoe. Unlike other footwear that employs a full-length rubber, the arch section of this trainer is made of mesh which also helps with water drainage and helps the foot-gear to dry quicker.

Because of its minimalist nature, Signa lacks the thick midsole found in most trainers. The outsole of this model also serves as the outsole, acting to reduce the force of impact felt by the foot when it hits the ground. The footbed is lined with a polyester mesh, encouraging water to seep out. This fabric is also quick-drying.

A polyester mesh makes up the upper of the Vibram FiveFingers Signa. This thin fabric is lightweight and stretchy which delivers a sock-like fit. It is also breathable and has open pores at the heel that promote water drainage as well as aerating the foot chamber. The material is also designed to dry in a short period.

Synthetic overlays reinforce the top of the toe pockets, the vamp, the instep, and the heel. This component protects the underlying fabric against abrasion and adds structure to the upper.

A midfoot cage covers the instep that opens on the lateral side. A stretchy fabric secures the flap on the inside, but there’s also a Velcro element that would allow the mouth of the shoe to open wider. There are fabric loops on top of the instep and at the back of the collar which the can be used to stretch the opening and accommodate the foot as it slides in.

How Signa compares

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