Our verdict


Veja Recife makes things less complicated with its easy to snap and fasten tri-straps. It frees you from getting tangled with laces, unlike other Veja sneaks, while giving you tons of reasons to stay hip and stylish. If you don’t mind spending a little in support of the brand’s sustainability efforts, then this pricey kick is worth investing in.


  • Convenient to wear
  • Classic and sassy
  • Uncomplicated style
  • Chemical-free
  • Ozone safe
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy care


  • Needs ample break-in
  • Heavy
  • Expensive

Who should buy the Veja Recife

This sneaker isn’t a spoiler if:

Who should NOT buy it

If you are eco-mindful but the $150 price tag is costly for you, try to check out other sustainable sneakers like the budget-friendly Samba OG and Grand Court

Veja Recife gives you the green light to be cool, eco-mindful 

The Veja Recife allows for advocating for the environment while stepping into a world of comfort. Veja Recife echos the ecological steps of the brand, which is to create sustainable sneakers that last for a long period. A fresh spin to its usual sneaker layout, it uses straps that have given wearers their most desired fit. 

Slipping in and out is a breeze

Unlike other popular kicks from the brand like the Campo and V-10, this shoe utilizes three adjustable Velcro straps instead of the traditional lace-up design. If you’re a busy bee, it’s a lot easy to get ready to fulfill your day’s to-do checklist hassle-free. 

Simply timeless

It’s hard not to notice that it exhibits a similar look as the Stan Smiths. It’s ageless that’s made even more “adorable” using hook and loop straps. It closely resembles the Adidas Stan Smith CF

Free of harmful tanning chemicals

Veja Recife is another recipe that’s made out of environment-friendly components. Every bit of leather in this shoe didn’t go through a tanning process that uses heavy metals and hazardous acids. Even the water used in tanning was recycled. 

Rubber is sourced sustainably

This shoe gets even more environment-friendly on the flip side. Its rubber was sourced in the Amazon through a group of farmers who were assigned to cultivate, regrow, and protect the rubber plantation.


It’s one of the classy beaters as it looks crisp, smooth, and clean; you’d hardly want to get it soiled. Even when you sport it frequently, this shoe won’t show early signs of wear. It simply refuses to retire from sneaker rotations. 

Low maintenance

It’s one of the leather-made sneaks that aren’t hard to tidy up. All it needs are gentle strokes of damp cloth and protective creams or spray to maintain its smoothness. Allowing it to dry in open air and away from direct sunlight will help extend its life too. 

Needs a bit of flexing at the start

Like most leather kicks, this too needs ample break-in time. The heel feels stiff on day one but it gets flexible through longer use.