Who should buy the Veja Condor 2

You cannot go past the Condor 2 from Veja if:

  • You value sustainable products. Condor is the most eco-friendly shoe in the brand’s 16-year history. It comprises 57% recycled materials.
  • You need a well-rounded sneaker for various activities: running errands, traveling, leisure, clocking some casual miles, or doing light workouts.

Who should not buy the sneaker

Veja markets Condor 2 as a performance running shoe for long runs and easy recovery jogs. However, experienced runners agree that it falls short when competing with renowned running trainers in the same category and price tier. But if the shoe’s sustainability aspect is still a priority for you, then we recommend:

  • Salomon Index.01, the first-ever 100% recyclable running shoe which, according to runners, is “the closest in performance to a non-environmentally-friendly shoe”
  • Allbirds Tree Dasher 2.0, also contains recycled materials but is described as more comfortable to run in.

Veja Condor 2 vs. 1: what’s changed?

The 2nd edition of the Condor continues the earth-preserving philosophy of its predecessor but makes a few steps further:

  • 4%-increase in the amount of natural-based and recycled materials used
  • 0.5 oz (14 g) lighter thanks to fewer overlays on the upper and a bit narrower sole (doesn’t compromise the stability though!)
  • smooth and sleek midsole foam: no more “buoyant bird bones” or cut-out dents

Veja paves the way to a sustainable future

“This should be the future for all sneakers,” says a reviewer who admires the environmentally-friendly approach in this Veja shoe. The type of alternative materials used in the Veja Condor 2 is uncanny: ricinus oil, sugar cane, and rice waste. “You can make food from this stuff!” says one reviewer.

So, next time you see Alveomesh (100% made of recycled bottles), L-Foam, or Amazonian rubber in the product description of Veja sneakers, you can rest assured that the shoe is part of its zero-waste initiative.

Some may be concerned about the shoe’s ability to last, but there is no place for worry here. A tester who used the pair for over 100 miles doing all sorts of runs and wear tests, reports that they have “barely got a mark on them...these things feel like they’re built to last.” Also, due to the firm nature of the sole, it is not going to compress or crease any time soon.

Condor 2 is comfortable from the start!

More than a few reviewers were having doubts about whether a shoe made of bio-based materials would feel as comfortable as a regular sneaker. And yet, the Condor 2 did a great job here. Satisfied wearers commented on the following:

  • “Just the right amount of cushion”
  • “Really nice and supportive for my 10000 steps”
  • “After 5K, didn’t get any shin splints”
  • “Perfect fit for a sweet spot in 5-10 km runs”

Contributing to the shoe’s coziness is the nicely padded 4-mm thick insole. It is also removable, so you can use your own orthotics if needed. Some testers took note of the nice and smooth in-shoe lining as well as the cushioning around the heel: “no rubbing for me.”

Not a running shoe, contrary to the brand statement

The only caveat is that avid runners cannot recommend it for long-distance running, as opposed to the brand’s marketing. Here is why:

  • the shoe is very firm; as one tester has noticed, "on longer runs... they are taking a toll on your legs;"
  • because of the stiffness, the shoes lack that highly wanted "roll through flow" as a runner described it;
  • with all the high-tech running shoes today, you really have to be passionate about the sustainability factor to make peace with the lack of pop.

No issues with the fit

While some people did require a short break-in period, it only took them a few hours to feel fully comfortable in the Condor 2. Otherwise, it is considered a rather well-fitting sneaker:

  • “structured enough to support but not restrict my foot”
  • “the way it holds and cradles your foot - perfectly fine”

Veja Condor 2 is a lovely one

Many wearers appreciated the aesthetics of this Veja sneaker. They consider it a type of shoe that fits anywhere: you can take it to the gym, run on a treadmill, and then wear it out for a coffee. In addition, it is easy to style and looks cute with everything.

One vlogger described it as “perfect chunky,” with enough bulk but not so much that she would feel like tripping and hurting her ankle. Others have called it “eye-friendly” and loved that the muted color palettes of the Condor 2 “don’t scream out.”

No worries about slipping in this Veja

Meant to tackle both paved roads and dirt paths, the Condor 2 really brought an A-game in the traction department. Testers who used the shoe for running find the grip to be excellent even though the lugs aren’t that deep.

One runner, in particular, was happy that she could run down steep hills and didn’t have any problems with wet rocks. On the downside, she found the soles to be noisy, so much so that she had to put the podcast she was listening to louder.

Not the best breathability out there

There is still room for improvement for the Alveomesh. The wearers found it a bit warm, especially in the summertime. One of them says “my feet have never been this sweaty, soaking wet.”

Facts / Specs

Style: Sporty
Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Closure: Laces
Season: Spring, Fall, Summer
Features: Orthotic friendly / Vegan / Removable insole / Eco / Sustainable

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