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6 reasons to buy

  • Grip: The Vaude AM Moab Mid STX delivers excellent grip on the pedals, according to the majority of reviewers.
  • Ankle protection: This pair's mid-top profile provides exceptional protection against bike bumps and trail impacts, say many owners.
  • Waterproof: A substantial number of wearers commend this MTB shoe's ability to keep water from permeating the insides.
  • Comfort: The AM Moab Mid STX is very comfortable to ride and walk in, according to several users.
  • Good looks: Some consumers find this model to be stylish.
  • Quality: A number of commenters say its materials and construction are of high standards.

1 reason not to buy

  • Elements go inside: A reviewer wishes the shoe employs a gaiter to keep water, mud, and stones from entering the shoe.

Bottom line

Vaude tailored the AM Moab Mid STX for mountain cyclists who prefer ankle protection and grippy flat soles. The shoe's comfort, waterproofing, and high quality were some of the main benefits reported.

As perfect as these MTB shoes may seem, a minor misfire of failing to keep the elements from entering the shoe has been expressed. Although it can be remedied by wearing pants over your shoes. Overall, the Vaude AM Moab Mids STX is still a go-to shoe for mountain cycling.

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Vaude AM Moab Mid STX: A year-round flat pedal bike shoe

The AM Moab Mid STX's construction is engineered for riders who want to cycle most of the year. Several features of this shoe make riding in most seasons possible. 

The cycling shoe's waterproof materials protect the foot from drizzles and puddle sprays, while the mid-top profile provides support and protection from bike bumps and trail impacts. Offering more impact protection are the reinforced toe and heel areas.

Down below, the EVA midsole is responsible for shock absorption, while the more rigid PU foam in the pedal area offers adequate power transfer. Lastly, Traction is delivered by the brand's AM Flat sole, designed with varying lug patterns to provide the proper grip in different areas.

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Five Ten Kestrel Lace. This shoe's similarities to the Vaude AM Moab Mid STX starts and ends with their closure systems. But if you're after a heavier equipped MTB shoe in terms of performance and technologies, the Kestrel Lace may be more your speed. The Kestrel Lace is an SPD shoe designed for the demanding sport of enduro, which means it is very durable and has stiffer soles.

Shimano GR700. Like the Vaude model, the GR700 is a lace-up, flat mountain bike shoe. It also offers the same characteristics, such as adequately stiff soles and toe protection. However, the GR700 is not waterproof like the AM Moab Mid STX, but it features the gaiter that reviewers wanted from the Vaude shoe.


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