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7 reasons to buy

  • A lot of the reviewers are really hyped up with the superhero designs on the Vans x Marvel Slip-On as it displays their favorite Marvel Universe heroes.
  • Most of the critics are longtime buyers of the classic sneaker, and they are appreciative of this collaborative release.
  • The majority of the users claim that the shoe offers excellent comfort.
  • The shoe matches up with different outfits, several satisfied buyers have described.
  • Many buyers agree that they highly recommend the sneaker.
  • Some of the users enjoy the compliments they get while wearing the shoe.
  • Multiple designs and colorways of the sneaker are available.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few reviewers note that the Vans x Marvel Slip-On may fit a little narrow on foot.
  • Others are complaining about the limited stock of this sneaker.

Bottom line

Celebrating the iconic “Off The Wall” Marvel Universe Superheroes, Vans and Marvel joined forces again and offers the Marvel x Vans Slip-On shoes. 

The slip-on exhibits the timeless design structure of the iconic Vans Slip-On silhouette and wraps the foot in comfort. The touch of Marvel Comics on the Vans’ classic profile is a thumbs up to the brand’s loyal fans. A wallet-friendly price for an iconic collaborative release, the Vans x Marvel Slip-On is a quality addition for a sneaker collection.

User reviews:

Good to know

Offering the standard fit of the classic Vans Slip-On, the Vans x Marvel Slip-On gives easy access to the wearer in putting on and taking off the shoe with its slip-on feature. It may fit a little tight. Thus, those who do not have the standard foot width may need to size up.

Bringing out one’s inner superhero, the Vans x Marvel Slip-On yields character with its graphical Marvel Superhero designs. A great pair of sneakers for everyone of all ages, the low-top sneaker offers both timeless and versatile appeal that keeps up with the ever-changing sense of style and matches up with a variety of ensembles.

The graphical design that graces the upper structure of the Vans x Marvel Slip-On adds personality to the wearer’s street-inspired style. With different graphics though, we believe that different styles can be worn with each shoe as the overall design and colors will not always match up with everything. Here are a few styling tips to take with each variation of the Vans x Marvel Slip-On.

  Vans x Marvel Slip-On Hulk

For this variation of the Vans x Marvel Avengers Slip-On collab, you want to make the shoes stand out and pop of course. That’s why wearing this with an all-black ensemble will definitely work wonders. It accentuates the design nicely and will let the Hulk graphics take center stage, too. For women, we recommend short jean shorts and skinny jeans. For the top, simple tees will do nicely.

  Vans x Marvel Slip-On Black Widow

Decked in the signature black and red colors of Marvel’s Black Widow, this version of the Avengers x Vans Slip-On adds variety to the collection and to a sneakerhead’s closet. Style-wise, these make great casual shoes. Joggers and dark jeans will go well with it. Shorts for women will also do good and give off the relaxed vibe nicely. Go with dark colors for this to truly embody the Black Widow spirit.

  Vans x Marvel Slip-On Spiderman

Spiderman fans, rejoice! Vans’ creation of this version of the slip-on has the classic superhero gracing the upper of the kicks. What makes it even better, you ask? One glance for Marvel and comic fans, and you’ll notice how the canvas upper has the collage-like graphics of our friendly neighborhood spider done up in true and old fashioned comic book style! Pairing these will be a breeze as they go really well with almost anything. Skinny jeans and a simple t-shirt. Joggers and a hoodie, even gym shorts go well with these!

  Bonus Styling Tip:

Wear these kicks to the last Avengers movie showing and wow Marvel fans and fashionistas alike!

The graphical printing of the Marvel Universe superheroes on the classic Vans Slip-On silhouette creates an eye-catching appearance that adds more appeal to the iconic sneaker. It also quickly captures the attention of people, especially the Marvel avid fans. The iconic low-top shoe is finished off with its signature rubber waffle outsole.

When it comes to the topic of sneakers and sneaker brands, a lot of brand names may come to mind, but we’re sure that Vans is almost always one of the first footwear apparel to be thought of or mentioned. This brand is simply just unforgettable. It has achieved a status as one of the most renowned brands around, and it has done this by staying relevant every time.

  Vans’ founding

Founded back in 1966, this American company came to life after the Van Doren brothers poured their heart and soul into it. It started specializing in skateboarding shoes with apparel and backpacks on the side, too. The first few days of selling, and you could say that the style of the two brothers was unique. Manufacturing of Vans sneakers was done on site then directly sold to the public in the exact same place, right then and there. On the first day they opened, 12 people came in, made their orders, allowed the Van Doren brothers one day to make the sneaker, and they returned the next day to claim their shoes with payment at the ready. In time, success would soon be nipping at the heels of the Van Dorens.

As the 60s came to a glorious end for Vans, the 70s rolled in, and a good number of skateboarders, enthusiasts, and professionals, were really getting into the shoes produced by Vans. The rugged feel and look, as well as the shoe’s sticky sole, were claiming skateboarders left and right and converting them into Vans fans.

  The classic Vans Slip-On

One example of a Vans sneaker gone viral is its classic slip-on styled pair of sneakers, and it has a pretty interesting story to it in terms of how it got its look and design. Previously known as the “Vans Style #98,” the classic Vans Slip-On was created in the year 1977. A quick growth on popularity was received by the silhouette for its natural slip-on feature and its sleek design.

Observation was done by Steve Van Doren, son of the Vans founder, Paul Van Doren, on the teenagers and skateboarders wearing the Vans Slip-On. Black pens were used by these wearers to color the rubber midsole of their Slip-Ons and draw checkerboard patterns. The design concept was then immediately comprehended by Van Doren and implemented it on the design of the Slip-Ons.

More boost on popularity was acquired by the Vans Classic Slip-Ons as it was featured on the 1982 movie, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” The film itself made a massive take over on global popularity with the character Jeff Spicoli that was played by Sean Penn being a favorite by many.

With the status the Vans Slip-On acquired, it has become one of Vans’ most iconic classic silhouettes. Variations for the sneaker were released by the brand from colorways to the materials used for its construction.

In 2018, Vans teamed up with Marvel again and introduced their most massive collaborative release up to date. Vans and Marvel first joined forces in 2013 for a footwear collaboration. Multiple Vans classic and iconic silhouettes are part of this collaboration as well as apparels and bags for men, women, kids, and even toddlers.

For the Vans Slip-Ons Marvel version, the Incredible Hulk takes over the iconic Checkerboard Slip-On. Black Widow owned the Vans Leather Slip-On with its signature all-black bodysuit with a subtle contrast of red outlines for the Black Widow logo. Spider-Man covered the classic Vans Slip-On with its web detailing and color effects.

  • The signature “Off The Wall” callout of the brand is displayed at the heel of the Vans x Marvel Avengers Slip-On shoes.
  • Vans branding tab on the sides of the low-top sneaker.
  • Custom collaborative branding can be observed.
  • The shoe is built with the elastic side accents.
  • A padded collar can be observed on the sneaker.
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