Vans Skate Old Skool: A new face to an old pro

Change is inevitable even with well-tried and dependable performance skate shoes. Vans found it best to give its foolproof Pro Skate line a new dimension. Enter Skate Classics. From this new range, the iconic Old Skool Pro gets rebranded into Skate Old Skool. The same fate goes to other well-loved Vans core players, bringing out a new cast consisting of Skate Authentic, Skate Era, Skate Sk8-Hi, Skate Slip-On. Shoes designated for the brand’s pro riders keep the word Pro on their names like the Kyle Walker Pro, Rowan Pro, Louie Lopez Pro, and so on.  

What’s new with this Old Skool? 

Responsive cushioning. UltraCush gets upgraded with a PopCush removable insole that offers superior cushioning and impact protection. What’s superb about this foam is its polyurethane construction takes the impact and regains its shape responsively. It won’t easily pack out. 

Upper security. Internal tongue straps are added to this version. It keeps the tongue centered while the attachment gives out a snug fit. 

Stable support. An internal shank is squeezed between the midsole and outsole. It runs from the midfoot to the back end of the shoe to deliver more solid rides. 

Clingy and durable sole. SickStick gum rubber compound, initially used in the Rowan Pro, delivers more grip and durability than the original gum rubber. The depth of the waffle tread is deeper to prevent it from smoothing or blowing out too soon.

Reinforced rubber. Duracap rubber is adjusted in high-wear zones to prevent it from bursting through repeated abuse and friction. A 2-part foxing rubber extends to the bottom edges of the upper for the added height of protection against the coarse board. The toe bumper has a deeper knurl texture for a longer-lasting grip during flips. 

Visual indicators of the Skate Old Skool

  • The traditional red Vans tag is replaced by a noticeable black and white Vans checkerboard flag on the side panel.  
  • Checkerboard panel is lined on the rear interior wall.
  • “Skateboarding” inscription is added on the heel tag.


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