Who should buy Vans Sk8-Hi Stacked

A reviewer believes that Vans Sk8-Hi Stacked’s weird mix of materials makes it “pretty awesome.” If this is not a good enough reason for you, then you should  buy this high-top if you are:

  • in need of a stylish yet comfortable skate shoe
  • looking for cool and durable platforms
  • a fan of the Old Skool sneakers and want to try the Sk8 series
  • shopping for a versatile shoe to match your everyday style

Vans Sk8-Hi Stacked Vans-Sk8-Hi-Stacked-forefoot-detaill

Who should not buy it

Some say the shoe “seems too busy” and “a bit too much” for their liking. If you are also “not a fan of spiky-looking soles” or “don’t like how they’re so tall,” like some reviewers, you should opt for the original Vans Sk8-Hi. This high-top, versatile skate shoe also rocks any outfit, minus the eye-catching spiky sole. You can also check the best Sk8-Hi sneakers for you to be guided. 

If you are like some people who are turned off by the Sk8-Hi design, switch to Sk8-Low. It is the low-top variation of the shoe that stays true to the Sk8 DNA. 

Vans Sk8-Hi Stacked  Vans-Sk8-Hi-Stacked-sidestripe

Guaranteed comfort

Comfort is not an issue for the reviewers of Sk8-Hi Stacked. One loved the comfort of this padded high-top so much that they are “dying for another pair.” A sneakerhead even described it as “comfier than flats.” Many reviewers who have been wearing the shoes all day praise how the shoe is so comfortable. One even described their experience that after working for several hours, their "feet don't hurt!” On top of it, it was reported that skaters never got blisters and that the sneaker has a nice cushion. 

Vans Sk8-Hi Stacked vans-sk8-hi-stacked-vamp

Sk8-Hi Stacked is true to size 

The feet-hugging high-top goes true to size, as most reviews have attested. “Perfect fit” is how one describes their Sk8-Hi Stacked. However, for those who want to wear thick socks, a fan recommended going half-size up or “otherwise there’s not much room.” 

Vans Sk8-Hi Stacked vans-sk8-hi-stacked-heel-counter

Heavy-duty supportive shoe

These platforms are also heavy-duty and durable, as the testers have experienced. One notes that it has “no premature creasing,” unlike other high-tops they tried. However, several reviews mentioned that the Sailor Moon satin frays easily. 

Many of the comments also mentioned the arch support of the Sk8-Hi Stacked. A reviewer praises the shoe that it has a “nice, firm sole” that is good for people with sensitive feet like them. They also mentioned that it provides nice ankle support that “allows movement and control.”

Vans Sk8-Hi Stacked vans-sk8-hi-stacked-laces

Boost in height

The exaggerated outsoles are fun to some because they give them the illusion of additional height. One comments that they even “want a second pair” because the boost is definitely worth the price. Even though the chunky and spiky sole of these platforms is seen as a bit much by some, more comments still praise its overall weight and height. That is why you should take the advice from a sneakerhead who said, "don't let the chunky sole scare you."

Vans Sk8-Hi Stacked vans-sk8-hi-stacked-toe-tip


Turn heads with your Sk8-Hi Stacked

“I use them practically every day,” exclaimed one in their review. A tester also commends the platform saying that they have been “wearing them nonstop” since they got them. Several people also mentioned that they received “a ton of compliments” while wearing them.  It is fun, attractive, and an eye magnet that "goes with practically EVERYTHING!" explained another. 

The sneakers come with many colorways and design options too. If you love it in pictures, a review would tell you that it “definitely looks better in person.” There is also a Sailor Moon collaboration that many saw as “perfect for any Sailor Moon fan.”

Vans Sk8-Hi Stacked Vans-Sk8-Hi-Stacked-heel-logo

Facts / Specs

Base model: Vans SK8-Hi
Style: Platform, Chunky, Classic
Top: High
Inspired from: Skate
Collection: Vans Sk8-hi
Closure: Laces
Material: Leather, Textile

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