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An incredibly comfortable pair that breaks the mold with its uniqueness—this is the Sentry Old Skool in a nutshell. While it still wears that familiar throwback design up its sleeve, there's a fresh spin to it underfoot that can elicit even more glances from the crowd you're in. And whether you use it for styling or 9-to-5 busy-ness, it'll turn heads and score you quite a lot of attention points.


  • Long-lasting comfort
  • Quick break-in
  • Remarkable for work use
  • Super stylish
  • Lovelier in real life
  • Quite grippy
  • Astonishing finish


  • Heavy
  • Its collar can rub

Who should buy the Vans Sentry Old Skool

The Sentry Old Skool from Vans just might be the spice you need to flesh out your wardrobe. Buy it if:

  • Sneakers that break away from the usual trappings of everyday kicks are what you're after.
  • You're a true-blue Old Skool fan looking for a spunky shoe to use at work.
  • Platform kicks that double down on sticking prowess are what you need.

Vans Sentry Old Skool buy

Who should NOT buy it

If it's a lighter pair you need, skip the Sentry Old Skool for the Adidas Sambarose. Also, opt for the Nike Court Vision Alta instead if you prefer a platform kick with a puffier collar.

Vans Sentry Old Skool no

Sentry Old Skool: A comfy treat on day one

Numerous reviewers are so down with the exemplar comfiness of the break-in-free Vans Sentry Old Skool. Take a look at some of their amazing hot takes below:

  • "Mega comfort."
  • "Like walking on clouds."
  • "Insanely comfortable."
  • "It was love at first sight."

The comfort this kick so lavishly provides is also the enduring kind. Someone wore it for about 28 hours straight, yet they didn't end up with achy feet.

Vans Sentry Old Skool comf

Something to stun your friends with

The Vans Sentry Old Skool, according to many, is remarkably posh. "They look fab," says one of them. Another reviewer describes the sneaker as having a "super cool look." "The style of the shoe is amazing," says yet another sneaker fan.

Vans Sentry Old Skool styla

Simply poppin' in person

The Vans Sentry Old Skool looks doper in real life, based on reports. "They're even cuter when you have them on," says a non-professional reviewer.

This incredible characteristic can be linked to the shoe's mighty fine craftsmanship—no jutting threads, no noticeable glue marks anywhere. It's a shoe with "brilliant quality," says a footwear collector.

Vans Sentry Old Skool quality

The burdensome Sentry Old Skool

There are those who aren't fond of the Vans Sentry Old Skool's encumbering weight. It's "heavy and clunky for me as a senior," says one of them.

Vans Sentry Old Skool weight

Sensationally sticky

Tenacity is one of the praiseworthy aspects of this skate-inspired platform shoe from Vans. "They stick well to any surface," comments a sneaker collector about his Sentry Old Skools.

Vans Sentry Old Skool grip

Wear it with socks

While, by default, the Vans Sentry Old Skool is astonishingly comfy, its ankle cuff can be somewhat scratchy on first wear. To prevent its collar from rubbing your ankles, put on over-the-ankle socks, preferably knitted ones. Lacing up the shoe a bit snugger may also address this problem.

Vans Sentry Old Skool ankle