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The Leather Slip-On from Vans offers a sturdy, clean, and sleek full-leather design. An iteration of the brand’s very own classic Vans Slip-On, this low-top silhouette ditches the traditional canvas upper for leather while keeping the padded collar, elastic side accents, and waffle outsole, presenting a more nostalgic vibe. Its low asking price is quite compelling too.


  • Superb comfort
  • Can match any outfit
  • Affordable
  • Reeling classy aesthetics
  • Has a knack for staying clean
  • Quick on and off
  • Highly packable


  • Somewhat narrow
  • Could be more durable

Who should buy the Vans Leather Slip-On

A classic silhouette from one of the world’s leading skate shoe brands, the Vans Leather Slip-On combines simplicity with timeless design. Buy it if:

  • You want something fun-yet-laidback to complement your casual or semi-formal attire.
  • You want this getup to work: t-shirt + leather jacket combo over fitted or skinny jeans.
  • Low-maintenance and budget-friendly kicks are what you're after.
  • You prefer sneakers that don't take up too much space in your luggage.

Vans Leather Slip-On buy

Who should not buy it

If you want something with no reported fit issues, try the Vans Checkerboard Slip-On. And if you're unsure about the durability of the Leather Slip-On, check out the tougher Vans Era instead.

Vans Leather Slip-On no

The enchanting confines of the Leather Slip-On

Reviewers in droves say that the Vans Leather Slip-On provides superb comfort.

Vans Leather Slip-On comf

Makes styling easy

Sneakerheads appreciate this shoe highly for being quite versatile style-wise. It is easy to mix and match, according to them.

Vans Leather Slip-On styler

Simply a looker

Numerous wearers find its silhouette very classy. Most of them became loyal Vans fans because of it.

Vans Leather Slip-On look

A tad tight

Sneakerheads find the Vans Leather Slip-On a little narrow. 

Vans Leather Slip-On tighter

Leather Slip-On: For people on the go

A good number of reviewers say that the Leather Slip-On from Vans is very easy to slip in and out of. They hail it as a shoe that befits a fast-paced lifestyle because of this.

Vans Leather Slip-On access

Absolutely pack-friendly

Verified purchasers love to bring this lightweight sneaker on their travels, thanks to its slim profile and luggage-friendliness.

Vans Leather Slip-On pack

Not a dirt magnet

People say that this leather shoe stays clean for longer. They also love its low-maintenance upper, stating that it's easy to clean.

Vans Leather Slip-On low

Avoid abrasive hazards

Wearers say that this kick could be tougher. One of them only had it for a few months, yet the shoe's upper already developed tears and scuff marks.

Vans Leather Slip-On dura

A charmer budget-wise

The Vans Leather Slip-On is offered at an affordable price.

Vans Leather Slip-On budget

Vans Leather Slip-On and Style #98

The featured shoe takes its inspiration directly from Vans Style #98 (a.k.a. the classic Vans Slip-On, which was manufactured in 1977). It retains the boat shoe design of its inspiration, along with its skate-suitable design, which consists of the Slip-On's dependable heel counter, plush collar padding, and iconic waffle outsole.

To this day, the Vans Slip-On is considered one of the beloved silhouettes from Vans. Almost every generation of skateboarders, at least once in their lifetime, was convinced to wear the slip-on shoe and make it their go-to sneaker for virtually any type of activity. The Leather Slip-On also has tons of followers for its versatility in both style and function.

Vans Leather Slip-On histo