Who should buy the Vans Kyle Walker Pro 2

These kicks are for individuals who:

  • Are interested in the fresh style and convenience that velcro strap sneakers bring
  • Like to experience skate sneakers that do not demand a break-in for you to get accustomed with
  • Consider impact protection when choosing a pair.

Who should not buy it

This sneaker does not perform well in terms of breathability. If this is a no for you, look over Vans Rowley. Kyle Walker Pro 2 is kind of heavy, so if you want a lightweight pair, switch to Vans Rowan Pro

Vans Kyle Walker Pro 2 is a wide footers friend

Testers confirmed that this sneaker fits true to size and is roomy enough to accommodate wide feet. 

One of the few ready-to-skate pairs

Skaters found it rare to have comfortable and well-performing skate sneakers that do not require a breaking-in period. They validated that Kyle Walker Pro 2 is one of those rare sneakers. One said he felt like he had “already skated these before,” even though it was his first time using the pair. Another one mentioned that “they feel pretty much good to go” right off the bat.

Filled with plushness for extra comfort

Everyone agreed that this sneaker delivers when it comes to comfort. Reviewers were very pleased with this sneaker’s generously padded heel and ankle. Even its footbed was praised for being super soft. The only concern of reviewers was its weightiness which they thought was caused by its thick sole. 

Vans Kyle Walker Pro 2 is primo landing ready

Skateboard tricks involving jumps and landing down from high platforms were no trouble for this pair, as established by skaters. The impact protection ability of Kyle Walker Pro 2 was primarily attributed to its PopCush insole and Wafflecup sole. These features made skaters claim that these sneakers “have your feet’s back” even if you jump down stairs. Another affirmed that Kyle Walker Pro 2 “protected [their] feet well” and “landing primo does not hurt” in these shoes.

Terrific board feel

Surprisingly, Kyle 2 provides a fantastic board feel despite its beefy sole. A skater reported he felt “really connected to [his] board” while using this sneaker, and another “had a good feeling on the board.” 

Skate tricks are on point!

This sneakers’ skating performance is so satisfactory that a tester remarked they “leave nothing to be desired” anymore. The flicks and heel flip in this sneaker were deemed to be the “most striking” things in it. The pair felt “really solid” on a tester’s feet, and it granted him a lot of confidence while skating.

Powered with laceless technology

It seems like the velcro strap closure of this sneaker is one of its selling points, as many found it interesting. One even said it is the “most noticeable new feature” of the shoe. Even if it’s different from the traditional lacing system, reviewers confirmed that it ensures a firm, secure fit. Plus, it is more convenient.

Stands tough through consistent skating

Multiple skaters demonstrated how tough these sneakers are after going through weeks of consistent skating. One was so amazed and remarked, “these are bricks with durability.”

Vans Kyle Walker Pro 2 can get hot 

According to a skater, these sneakers “do not breathe well,” and his feet “do not get a lot of oxygen flow” in them. He added that feet could get really sweaty in Kyle Walker Pro 2.  

Facts / Specs

Style: Minimalist, Sporty
Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collaboration: Kyle Walker
Closure: Slip-on, Velcro
Material: Suede, Textile
Season: Fall, Spring

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