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9 reasons to buy

  • Most reviewers had nothing but praises for the Vans Checkerboard UltraRange Rapidweld silhouette when it comes to comfort. 
  • A good number of testers are pleased with the breathability of the low-top kicks from Vans’ Checkerboard range
  • Vans UltraRange Rapidweld Checkerboard shoes are incredibly versatile, according to plenty of users, who say these are excellent for exercising, working, walking, driving, or just chilling out.
  • A couple of people have mentioned that the sneakers are durable and can stand up to mud, miles of walking, and daily use.
  • These Vans kicks have the perfect amount of flexibility and stability, a customer has noted.
  • A handful of consumers have reported getting frequent, “mad compliments” on their kicks.
  • Vans UltraRange Rapidweld Checkerboard sneakers are so light that purchasers say wearing the shoes feels like walking on air.
  • The lifestyle shoes have such grippy bottoms, several individuals have noted, and they say these are great for climbing up and down slippery cobblestone streets or walking on dirt trails.
  • Many loved the overall design of the Vans Checker UltraRange Rapidweld shoes.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Two users have noted that the toe boxes of the shoes are kind of narrow, which might pose a difficulty for people with wider toes. 
  • Some people have wished for brighter shades for these kicks from Vans.

Bottom line

The Vans Checkerboard UltraRange Rapidwelds does a fine job balancing the style between athletic footwear and the classic Vans look. The result is an eye-catching design that is guaranteed to rake in compliments.

The shoes are not all about looks, however. They’ve ticked several of the positive boxes namely, comfort, durability, flexibility, and breathability. They’re also quite grippy which is a must if you want to wear these kicks in all weather conditions. They’re easy enough to clean, dry up fast, and are so versatile, you can bring them anywhere.

Good to know

Vans UltraRange Rapidweld Checkerboard sneakers are unisex, which should be a cause for celebration. They’re great for any adventure that requires lots of walking or standing up. Because they’re breathable and comfy, the shoes are utilized by many for a variety of activities other than walking.

The collars and tongues of these sneakers are amply padded, yet the shoes themselves weigh light. A regular lacing system provides a convenient way to tighten or loosen the shoes according to your liking. Tongue and heel pull tabs give the user a convenient on and off access.

Despite the modern tech, these shoes still bear the classic stamp of Vans, which means they’re not at all difficult to mix and match with many articles of clothing from your wardrobe. The style is casual and laidback—just the perfect thing for the chill surfer dude or the relaxed urban dweller. 

Pair up the Vans Checkerboard UltraRange Rapidweld with soft wash jeans (preferably with frayed edges for a more impactful look) and a simple white tee for casual city exploring. Black jeans, a long white tee, and a black leather jacket would give you a more edgy style.

Basic joggers, shorts, and pinrolled denim jeans would also work quite well. The trick is in how you work with the black and white color scheme. 

Aside from the unique checkerboard pattern that’s distinctively Vans, the Checkerboard UltraRange Rapidweld silhouette is also noteworthy for the various techs included in its engineering. The sneakers contain upgraded UltraCush midsoles that provide superior comfort and cushioning. The LuxLiner cleatie construction keeps the insides seamless to reduce rubbing, hot spots, and weight. Rapidweld detailing keep the shoes stitchless yet sturdy.

Vegans might be thrilled to know that the sneakers are part of the sneaker world’s growing animal-friendly collection because they’re made with water-based inks and glues as well as synthetic suede and textile uppers. 

The Vans Checkerboard UltraRange Rapidweld silhouette is a marriage of many of the things we love most from Vans. From the brand’s beloved checkerboard style to its stitchless technology and versatile footwear line, the result is an exceptional mashup of all the good stuff.

  The Rapidweld, the UltraRange, and the Checkerboard

Rapidweld is a technology that relies on zero stitching. Instead, it uses ultrasonic welding to bond pieces of the shoe together for increased durability. It works by applying a consistent type of pressure on the pieces to create a strong and durable bond. 

The UltraRange, meanwhile, is a line of shoes that was released by Vans in 2017. The focus of the collection was to showcase shoes that offered maximum versatility for the user no matter the lifestyle he lives or landscape he’s in. The shoes here were conceptualized to look good and perform well whether you take them into the great outdoors, the city streets, or the workroom. Basically, at the core, they would be functional and comfortable.

Lastly, the Vans Checkerboard style. This iconic shoe design was first seen on the feet of teenage skaters in 1977 through the Checkerboard Slip-On model. The look was inspired by kids that Paul Van Doren saw who were coloring their midsoles with black pens to create an interesting checkered pattern. Paul moved the pattern up to the canvas uppers and the rest, they say, is history. Or, well, some part of it anyway. 

It wasn’t really until 5 years later when Sean Penn was spotted wearing the distinctive sneakers in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High that the Checkerboard Slip-On was immortalized forever. By that time, punk bands and ska music were on the rise. And who would wear the legendary shoes but the ones at the forefront of these musical groups? In this way, not only did the checkerboard pattern hit the mainstream, but they also became an icon in several subcultures, musical and otherwise. 

  Vans UltraRange Rapidweld Checkerboard shoes

Vans mixed all these excellent parts well and came up with the UltraRange Rapidweld Checkerboard. The shoes sport a clean aesthetic and a superior comfortable feature meant to aid surfers who need dependable kicks in their journeys around the world hunting for the next big wave. 

And because they’re meant to be brought along wherever the next big wave hits, the sneakers are engineered with the perfect amount of durability to withstand quick rigorous shifts between dirt trails, sandy ground, and hard concrete—something that a regular shoe would be ill-equipped to handle. 

  • The UltraRange Rapidweld silhouette is also available in a non-checkerboard pattern. Several colorways are offered for the non-checkerboard style.
  • The sneakers utilize co-molded rubber outsoles.
  • A Leila Hurst (pro surfer and Vans Girl) version of the Checkerboard UltraRange Rapidweld was also released by the brand. The shoes feature a rose on the heel counters.

Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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