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6 reasons to buy

  • Several users claim that the Unparallel Vega has a true-to-size fit.
  • Its proprietary outsole does a fantastic job at sticking to different types of surfaces, according to a few climbers.
  • A small number of patrons find their Unparallel Vega climbing shoes remarkably sensitive.
  • This fine rock climbing shoe toe hooks amazingly, say a couple of those who have bought it.
  • The Vega is comfortable enough for most types of climbs, a tester claims.
  • An owner is pretty stoked by this Unparallel rock shoe in the area of support.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Someone who reviews climbing kicks professionally is not impressed with the shoe’s lackluster performance on edges.
  • This piece is among Unparallel’s expensive offerings.
  • The Vega’s toe liner could be more durable, says a climbing enthusiast.

Bottom line

Climbers had better prepare to have their expectations met (and even exceeded) by the Vega. Indeed, this incredible Unparallel offering is excellent, thanks to its one-to-one fit, A-grade sensitivity, and superbly grippy outsole.

That said, this toe-hooking champ still has some flaws, the least amusing of which has to be its unimpressive edging capabilities. Nonetheless, the Vega is a desirable Unparallel shoe—one that inspires confidence on slick footholds.

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Good to know

-The Unparallel Vega is a high-quality rock climbing shoe that provides multi-discipline performance without sacrificing comfort. It is built to give users a combination of surefootedness and responsiveness, all while offering just the right amount of rigidity for support.

-It comes with a company-exclusive outsole and the V-shaped closure system. The former supplies wearers with sufficient friction underfoot, while the latter offers not just fit management, but also easier on and off.

Downturn. The Vega is part of Unparallel’s selection of moderate climbing shoes. As such, it comes with a kind of downturn that can both mount on protrusions and get in and around slots efficiently. Most shoes of this type can provide enough power and comfort on multi-pitch climbs.

Applications. This all-rounder is engineered for trad and sport climbing, as well as bouldering. It may be used both indoors and outdoors.

The Vega is a unisex climbing shoe with a low-top clearance. It is one of Unparallel’s unisex offerings, which, for a precise fit, would require female climbers to get it in a full and a half sizes smaller than their sneaker size.

Stretch might be minimal in this shoe, thanks to its mostly synthetic construction. Since its interior is asymmetric, the foot will more or less bend inward within it in exchange for toeing precision. Its Velcro closure delivers a personalized and secure fit.

Midsole. In the Unparallel Vega, senders can ascend with as much support as possible with the rock shoe’s heavy-duty midsole. Its engineers set its stiffness to medium, translating to less leg-straining edging maneuvers.

Outsole. The Vega relies mostly on its proprietary rubber outsole called RS for friction and slip resistance underfoot. The compound with which it is made is characterized by high conformity to micro-edges and enhanced traction on steep footholds. It has a thickness of 3.5 mm, making it one of Unparallel’s thinner outsoles.

The Unparallel Vega has a lined synthetic upper. Slipping in and out of its snug interior is made a relatively simple affair thanks to its pair of synthetic pull loops. It comes with a sticky rand at the heel and another at the forefoot for lateral surface grip. For toe-hooking adhesion, on the other hand, the shoe sports a toe patch and a painted-on rubber coating, which gives the shoe that shiny glint.

Its closure system consists primarily of a V-shaped strap engineered with hook-and-loop fasteners. This strap is anchored through a beveled ladder loop for easier adjustments.


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