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5 reasons to buy

  • Almost every review about the Unparallel Up Mocc speaks of the shoe’s fantastic stickiness.
  • This high-quality climbing shoe has a suction-like heel fit, based on several reviews.
  • Some testers find their Unparallel Up Mocc climbing shoes immensely comfortable.
  • Its responsiveness is nothing short of excellent, say a couple of senders.
  • According to a user, this rock shoe from Unparallel has remarkable durability.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Based on a report, heel hooking in the Up Mocc can be a real challenge.
  • This rock climbing shoe could be more tight-fitting around the arch, a patron who has bought it claims.

Bottom line

Folks who would be drawn to the Up Mocc for the sole reason that it possesses relentless surface traction should not be faulted. That said, they should not miss out on its other pros—a great-fitting heel zone, amazing sensitivity, and resplendent comfort.

This UP piece, however, might disappoint some climbers with its not-so-snug arch region. Nonetheless, the Up Mocc is yet another astonishing Unparallel shoe, thanks to its decent list of strengths and capabilities.

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Good to know

-The Unparallel Up Mocc is engineered for climbing enthusiasts who wish to send a variety of projects in a plush yet highly adaptable slip-on rock shoe. It is categorized under Unparallel’s soft-soled kicks, which allow for the wearer’s technical climbing skills to shine.

-It comes with two types of rubber: RH and VD. The former, also known as Real Honor, delivers ample friction underfoot. The latter (VD or Virtual Damping), on the other hand, serves as the shoe’s sticky toe patch.

Downturn. The Up Mocc is one of Unparallel’s neutral offerings. This means that it comes without a downward camber. Neutral climbing kicks like the featured shoe are designed to provide lasting comfort, ideal for multiple pitches and extended sessions.

Applications. The Unparallel Up Mocc is a bouldering-slash-trad climbing shoe. It is capable of getting into and scaling cracks (a.k.a. fissures). It can be used both on plastic surfaces (indoors) and rocky formations (outdoor).

The Up Mocc is a low-cut climbing shoe. As it is a unisex piece of gear, female senders are advised to go down a full and a half sizes for a precise and comfy fit. Its leather upper might stretch a little bit with regular use.

Unparallel engineers gave it an asymmetric construction. This translates to crooked confines, where the foot will likely bend inward, giving the arch some pressure as a result. For a precise fit, the shoe relies on its highly elastic cuff and instep.

Midsole. Most of the Up Mocc’s softness is sourced from its flexible midsole. Note that it is still rigid enough to support the foot adequately during edging maneuvers. It has a full-on, single-piece build, much like many of Unparallel’s flat-lasted climbing shoes.

Outsole. Thanks to the Unparallel Up Mocc’s RH outsole, users may ascend their preferred route or send that challenging project with as much surface adherence as possible. It is based on a rubber compound characterized primarily by enhanced friction on edges. Its thickness is at 4.2 millimeters.

The Up Mocc’s low-top upper is made of authentic leather. Its interior is without a liner. Unparallel shoemakers furnished it with not one, not two, but three synthetic pull loops, which help wearers to slip in and out of the shoe that much easier.

Its high-contact points (a.k.a. heel zone + lower forefoot perimeter) are heavily randed for multi-directional slip and skid resistance. For toeing grip, on the other hand, this fuzzy upper sports a VD rubber toe patch.

Completing the Up Mocc’s upper equation is the rock shoe’s slipper-style closure. It is made up of sewn-in elastic gore panels.


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