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6 reasons to buy

  • Multiple reviews about the Unparallel Sirius Lace tell of the shoe’s unbelievable sticking prowess.
  • When it comes to edging, this remarkable climbing shoe is astonishing, according to numerous purchasers.
  • It can smear quite admirably, say a decent number of testers.
  • Based on several reports, the Sirius Lace is incredibly comfortable.
  • This high-quality piece from Unparallel has amazing precision, a few patrons claim.
  • Less than a handful of climbers are impressed with the Sirius Lace on the heel-hooking front.

3 reasons not to buy

  • According to a user, the shoe’s inner liner comes apart way too soon.
  • The Sirius Lace is among the brand’s premium-priced rock climbing shoes.
  • An owner finds its laces too long to manage properly.

Bottom line

If tenacity is the only thing that matters for climbers, the Sirius Lace will get top marks. That said, this offering is more than just superbly grippy; it is also immensely plush and fantastically effective where edging and smearing are concerned.

It, however, comes with some misfires—the most deterring of which has to be the questionable durability of its lining. Nevertheless, the Sirius Lace has the potential to be many senders’ favorite, thanks to its solid list of pros.

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Good to know

-The Sirius Lace is Unparallel’s response to wearers who need a kind of shoe that can take on demanding ascents with as much precision as possible. Its medium rigidity grants senders a combination of footing security and climbing efficiency.

-Its sticky toe patch is perforated to provide the climber with enhanced forefoot mobility. Its company-owned outsole, on the other hand, has a full-on construction for maximum surface contact.  

Downturn. The Unparallel Sirius Lace sports a talon-like toe zone, making it one of the brand’s aggressive climbing kicks. This highly cambered major component of the shoe, along with the sticky rubber slapped on to it, gives the user sufficient toeing security. Rock shoes with this type of downturn are mostly built for precision.

Applications. The Sirius Lace is mainly made for sport climbing, whether indoors or outdoors. The skilled shoemakers behind this shoe armed it with components that make it a capable tool for scaling overhangs and steep verticals.

A low-cut climbing shoe for men is the Unparallel Sirius Lace. When it comes to stretch, this shoe might yield only a little over time. Since the Sirius Lace has an asymmetric interior, wearing it means the foot will get some pressure around the arch as it lies bent—more or less—within its confines. The shoe’s lace-up closure grants wearers a customized lockdown.

Midsole. Owners can have as much support as possible in the Sirius Lace thanks in large part to the shoe’s medium-stiff midsole. This supportive layer is a synthetic component.

Outsole. The Sirius Lace’s reservoir of underfoot stickiness is the RS rubber outsole, which is one of Unparallel’s in-house sole technologies. RS or Real Supreme is an abrasive-resistant outsole. The rubber on which it is based has a decent level of conformity, which allows the outsole to get into hard-to-reach edges with ease. It has a thickness of 3.5 millimeters.

Much like most of Unparallel’s climb-focused offerings, the Sirius Lace is engineered with a low-cut synthetic upper. It comes with a heavy-duty pull loop for on-and-off assistance, as well as a plush liner.

An ample helping of rubber coating is wrapped around its lower perimeter to provide senders with multi-directional upper-level surface traction. The rubber rand serving as the shoe’s grippy toe patch is engineered with holes to give the forefoot extra flexibility.

Completing the Sirius Lace’s upper equation is the shoe’s closure system. It is made up of a sturdy synthetic lace and six pairs of reinforced eyelets.


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