Who should buy the Under Armour Ultimate Speed

This UA workout trainer was launched as part of the brand's Will Finds a Way collection. The ensemble aims to help consumers find the right gear to keep them pushing forward. The Under Armour Ultimate Speed is designed with flexibility and steadiness in mind. With that in the equation, users could transition from the treadmill to the weight room without changing footwear. It is a solid option if:

  • You are looking for a shoe that could perform well in various workouts like running, walking, and cross-training.
  • You are into a high-intensity fitness program and are in need of a stable enough shoe for such activity. 
  • Your workout routine requires you have it carried out both indoors and outdoors.

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Hard-wearing outsole

The bottom of the Under Armour Ultimate Speed is lined with non-slip rubber. This compound is hard-wearing and provides traction on most indoor and outdoor surfaces.

The outsole has grooves that promote flexibility. It also has a custom tread pattern that enhances the grip of the rubber.

Under Armour Ultimate Speed Outsole3

The Under Armour Ultimate Speed's midsole

The Under Armour Ultimate Speed employs a dual-density EVA foam. The soft cushion is placed in the forefoot to facilitate flexion and shock attenuation. The firm portion is located at the heel and provides a stable base especially during weight training. The dense part also offers medial arch support.

Under Armour Ultimate Speed Midsole

Slippage-free insole

The trainer uses a die-cut, full-length EVA foam insole. This layer not only provides additional comfort but it also eliminates slippage inside the shoe.

Under Armour Ultimate Speed Insole1

Aerated upper

The upper of the Under Armour Ultimate Speed is made of two types of mesh. The first one, which is used in the forefoot and the midfoot sections, features a tight construction with perforations. The other type of mesh has an open-cell construction and is found in the quarter area. The two kinds of mesh allow air to circulate and heat to dissipate, keeping the inside at a comfortable temperature.

Under Armour Ultimate Speed Upper

The Under Armour Ultimate Speed's overlays

A dynamic shroud is found on the midfoot section and the toe box. These synthetic overlays protect the mesh from abrasion. They also enhance support for side-to-side and explosive movements.

Under Armour Ultimate Speed Overlays2

Snug lacing system

The footgear utilizes webbed eyelets that stretch down to the bottom of the upper. When the laces are cinched, the eyelets are pulled in, creating a wrapping effect for a more secure and customized fit. The tongue protects the instep from the pressure generated by the laces.

Under Armour Ultimate Speed Lacing System

Anti-chafing rearfoot section

At the back, the molded collar keeps the ankle supported and prevents chafing. It also holds the rearfoot down to avoid accidental shoe removal.

Under Armour Ultimate Speed Collar

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 278g / Women 231g
Drop: 6mm
Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Narrow, Normal / Normal
Release date: Apr 2018
Features: Lightweight
BRAND Brand: Under Armour

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