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6 reasons to buy

  • The majority of those who reviewed the Spieth One doesn't deny that it is one of the most comfortable shoes that they have ever tried. 
  • Several users love the traction that this spiked golf shoe gives. 
  • A couple of athletes observe that there is a significant difference in their stance. The outsole helps balance the swing even when the ground is uneven. 
  • Numerous owners are convinced that the waterproof claim is accurate.
  • The Under Armour golf trainer has a classic look with a modern twist that captures some individuals' attention. 
  • The shoe delivers excellent stability that it induces proper weight transfer when performing a backswing.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A high number of users are bothered that some parts of the shoe, specifically the toe box and the upper, turn into a yellow color. 
  • Many golfers are disappointed that the spikes are not as durable as expected, and the replacement spikes are not as easy to get a hold of. 
  • One feels displeased because while he was lacing the shoe, the top lace hole ripped.

Bottom line

Having a collaboration with the three-time Major Champion Jordan Spieth, certainly took the golfers' community by surprise. Even though it garnered some high expectations, especially from fans, the UA Spieth One didn't disappoint. Many have confessed that they were able to improve their game simply because of this shoe. Though some find specific faults for the model, it only proves that, like any athlete's performance, there is always room for improvement.

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Good to know

As he launched his first signature under the global brand Under Armour, Jordan Spieth went right into the core of the sport. The Spieth One boasts that it is created "Down to a Science." It means that similar to how the athlete plays, it showcases precision.

The bottom of the UA Spieth One features a spiked outsole with the innovation called the Rotational Resistance Spikes (RST). These spikes are developed by the brand to address the natural tendency of the foot to resist when weight is placed on the forefoot. This resistance causes slip during a golf swing. Thus, two of these special spikes are located at the forefoot and the other two are placed on the heel. The spikes rotate to provide secure turf lockdown and stop during lateral and medial positions. The rest of the cleats help in providing additional grip on the ground when walking on the course. 

An extraordinary trait of the outsole is its dual-durometer characteristic. Having two types of firmness, a softer forefoot and a firmer heel, get the best of both worlds of attaining flexibility, stability, and support, where they are needed to be.

Comfort remains to be a top priority of the Spieth One. The shoe holds a lightweight EVA cushioning system that gives a responsive feel on every step. It blends well with the detachable PU footbed that offers plush underfoot comfort.

The material that is covering the majority of the golf trainer hits two birds with one stone. The one-seam upper does not only improve the overall fit and feel of the shoe but it also drastically reduces the weight. 

To make its features more spot-on, the upper is placed with the Storm technology. It maintains breathability while completely repelling water off.

Just like the technologies injected into this shoe, its look also speaks much about the athlete that represents it. The Spieth One, at first look, is simple yet modern-styled. However, having a closer inspection shows that the details make up much of its characteristics. 

It is minimalist yet packed with various textures and patterns while incorporating contrasting hues. The trainer guarantees that it blends well with different clothes and characters. 

  • Jordan Spieth first took this model for a global promotional spin in January 2017 to the Far East.


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