Our verdict


Though made up of the most ordinary components, the Under Armour Spawn 4 still delivers on the hardwood. It's even better than its more expensive counterparts in some cases. Players are gonna love the confidence and speed that this shoe bestows on them. This model is even fashionable enough to be rocked off the court, so this shoe is surely worth every cent.


  • Great bite on courts
  • Dust-resistant rubber compound
  • Great cushioning system
  • No need for break-in
  • Constructed for agility
  • Good lockdown and support
  • Fairly affordable
  • Fashionable look


  • Cheap materials
  • Too much dead space
  • Not for outdoors

Who should buy the Under Armour Spawn 4

This basketball shoe from Under Armour is a good match for the following:

  • players who are nimble and quick on their feet
  • athletes who want a performance shoe that can serve as an everyday sneaker
  • ballers who play mostly indoors

Under Armour Spawn 4 spawn 4 buy

Who should NOT buy this basketball shoe from Under Armour

The Under Armour Spawn 4 is not suitable for outdoor hoopers. They are better off with the Under Armour Lockdown 5.

Under Armour Spawn 4 spawn 4 not buy

Players who want the latest and the most innovative materials are not going to be happy with the Spawn 4, either. They should go for the Under Armour Curry 9. This signature shoe also has a better fit.

Generally, it's good!

Experts are happy with how the Under Armour Spawn 4 performs as a whole. One says that while the shoe is indeed not the best, he still didn't feel like he was missing out. Another just calls it a "very good budget option."

Under Armour Spawn 4 spawn 4 overall

Enjoy great traction with the Under Armour Spawn 4

This basketball shoe does not disappoint when it comes to on-court traction. The following are what players have to say about how this shoe performs in this aspect:

  • "very good grip indoors"
  • "traction worked very well"
  • "grips really well"

What makes this shoe even better is that it does not yield to dust. "They work well on dusty courts," says one expert.

Under Armour Spawn 4 spawn 4 grip

Just not for outdoor courts, though

An expert shares that the rubber compound used for the outsole is "definitely not the most durable." He already uses the shoe sparingly outdoors, but it already shows signs of wear and tear.

A balanced cushioning system

One expert reports that the midsole of the UA Spawn 4 "just feels amazing." He describes the experience as "very fluent and smooth-feeling." According to another expert, the cushioning system is soft and responsive just in the right places. Because of this, he declares that the cushion is his favorite part of the shoe. 

Under Armour Spawn 4 spawn 4 cushion

Experience great comfort and agility

Though the materials that compose it aren't the most premium, the upper still does a great job. It does not need time to break in, and it helps keep the shoe light and agile. "Ventilation is on point," says one expert.

Under Armour Spawn 4 spawn 4 comfort

This shoe is affordable!

Using non-premium materials in the upper and the rest of the shoe leads to a significant price cut. At $100 a pair, this shoe is among the most affordable picks on the market.

Fit is tricky, though

An avid reviewer calls the fit "the worst part" of the shoe. He says that there is just a lot of dead space all over. He recommends going down at least half a size.

Foot containment is not an issue with the UA Spawn 4

As long as you get the right fit, the Spawn 4 is a streamlined model that keeps the foot contained well. Though the upper materials are quite flexible, they still did not affect the shoe's capacity to lock the foot down according to one expert. He also observes that the forefoot is quite wide, ensuring stability. The lack of a shank plate in the midfoot results in him "feeling agile and fluid."

Under Armour Spawn 4 spawn 4 containment

Play in style with the Spawn 4

A wearer uses the word "fashionable" to describe the Spawn 4. He explains that the color combination, at least of the colorway that he has, is nice.