Under Armour Charged Impulse review

I am not a fan of basic/budget running shoes. I not only want the most innovation for performing but also want the best technology for cushion and support to help me stay injury-free. The Under Armour Charged Impulse changed my perspective a bit. 

With this running shoe, you are getting the daily trainer you're looking for when it comes to comfort, flexibility, and versatility as long as you don't push the limits of intensity or mileage. 

Who should buy it

The Charged Impulse is recommended for:

  • casual runners who only run occasionally
  • budget-conscious runners
  • those who want a versatile running shoe for gym workouts and casual wear

Who should NOT buy it

Consider other models if you:

I appreciate the snug fit

The Under Armour Charged Impulse has a nice snug and secure fit that allows your foot to connect very well with your foot. In turn, it brings your shoe to feel like an extension of your foot (minimalism feel). The shoe is also true to size.


Zero heel slip!

Nothing special here, as far as technology goes. Just a simple lacing system, with nice thick laces accompanied by a snug upper. I felt one with the shoe. Great response to the natural movement and zero heel slip!


For short runs only (up to 5 miles)

Due to the poor cushioning, I wasn't willing to push this past 8miles. I would imagine with longer miles put on these shoes, the snugness would turn to discomfort. 

Comfort for short periods 

I caught myself really loving these mostly for daily casual use. The flexibility and freedom of this shoe allow you to go about your daily routine without being encumbered by a stiff sneaker. The comfort does go away though if you do any amount of sustained standing. There is a minimum cushion in these which end up leading to discomfort.

The Charged Impulse gets sloppy overtime

The Under Armour Charged Impulse brings a nice consistent and responsive ride for distances up to five miles. They feel very similar to a "Nike Free" ride which is a win for me, being a Free Run enthusiast. But just as a Nike Free shoe, you aren't going to be happy going any long distance. The Charged Impulse gets sloppy and unresponsive as the time in them goes on.


Works well as a gym or casual shoe

This shoe is not a shoe for those of you who need any kind of support and cushion with running. However, I would still recommend casual and gym use. In fact, I think they're a better gym shoe than a running shoe.

It is a lightweight running shoe

At 8oz/227g, this is a great light-duty trainer (road shoes have an average weight of 9.6oz/274g). They can easily be laced up to hit the gym for any workout that you can grow at it. 

Durable enough as expected

At $75, I don't expect a phenomenal life for the Under Armour budget trainer. It does have a seemingly good quality design and construction. I could see these lasting about 300 miles.


Due to the purpose of the shoe being for light, casual running I could see these lasting a long duration for those fitting this category.

Not for the wet roads

Had zero problems with daily road runs in the Charged Impulse. There isn't much tread however and the tread that is there is an attractor of small stones. These certainly will not be an option for trails or sloppy wet roads.  The Under Armour Charged Impulse will do the basics well. 

The Charged Impulse breathes amazingly on warm days

A big highlight for the Charged Impulse is the mesh upper. It is very lightweight, breathes amazingly in hot weather, and allows for an excellent lockdown. It allows for a snug for agility work and has a bit of a stretch to it to allow for some expansion during long, hot runs when some foot swelling takes place. 


Nice-looking casual wear


I also ended up feeling really good in these for casual wear. They are nice-looking shoes and due to the lack of tech in this shoe, there is nothing unnatural in them, which allows for comfort in everyday life. With this in mind, I think anyone can find a way to be happy with the Under armor Charged Impulse.

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 227g / Women 196g
Drop: 8mm
Arch support: Neutral
Update: Under Armour Charged Impulse 2
Collection: Under Armour Charged Cushioning, Under Armour Charged
Pronation: Neutral Pronation / Supination / Underpronation

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