Who should buy the Umbro UX Accuro 2 Pro Firm Ground

The Umbro UX Accuro 2 Pro Firm Ground is highly recommended for:

  • fast-paced runners of soccer
  • rookie to elite-level soccer players

Delivers comfort and accuracy

With comfort as the priority, the Double Diamond has updated a silo that has been known for its “deadly” tagline. 

Deadly comfort, touch, and accuracy were the main goals of the original UX Accuro Pro and they still remain the same with its successor, the Umbro UX Accuro 2 Pro Firm Ground.

UX Accuro 2 Pro Firm Ground aids in shot accuracy 

This soccer cleat is designed for the runners, the endurance masters of the 90-minute game. With this in mind, the brand has utilized a microfiber material for the upper to deliver a lightweight and anatomical fit. 

Control pads are also integrated on the forefoot area to aid in shot accuracy. Similar to the second generation Medusae, this successor cleat is fitted with a no-sew construction on its support cage. It enhances stability particularly on the midfoot and rearfoot areas. 

Allows for more natural movements 

The cage is integrated with mesh inserts that promote comfort for rough rides on firm ground. Another mesh-based element in this cleat is the Neoprene stretch collar. This elastic cleatie construction allows for more natural movements of the lower leg. 

The collar's height and shape resemble much like the mid-top socks of PUMA soccer cleats such as the PUMA Future 18.1 Netfit FG/AG and PUMA One 18.1 K-Leather Firm Ground. 

More responsive fit and strike area 

To promote a more responsive fit and strike area, the soccer cleat is installed with an off-center lacing system.

Composed of elongated and conical studs, the Pro-stance outsole of the UX Accuro 2 Pro FG is meant to bring reduced stud pressure while maintaining excellent traction. 

Caters to instinctive movements 

The Pebax soleplate and its configuration are engineered for best performance on firm ground surfaces. This is a carry-over feature from the original UX Accuro Pro.

The Umbro UX Accuro 2 Pro Firm Ground is available in men’s sizes ranging from 6 to 13. The microfiber upper with the stretch collar will leave players with an adaptive fit that caters to instinctive movements on the pitch. 

Great for wide-footed wearers 

Also, the lacing system looped through midfoot cables bring more fit personalization to regular and wide-footed wearers alike.

The Pro-stance configuration of the UX Accuro 2 Pro FG  is the exact copy from its previous model. It consists of elongated studs highlighted in a bright color to signify points of traction. 

Performs well on pivotal motion 

The conical studs, on the other hand, camouflage to the soleplate’s hue. The latter evens out weight distribution across the foot. They also aid players during pivotal motion.

Four studs are positioned in the heel area while seven studs are on the forefoot where the Umbro branding is also carved. 

Lightweight and durable 

The studs sit on a Pebax outsole material that is proven to be lightweight and durable. The same material flows through an external heel counter which serves as an extension to the soleplate.

Similar to its predecessor, the Umbro UX Accuro 2 Pro is built with a soft microfiber material on its upper. However, due to player feedback, changes have been made to its touch control elements. 

Solid accuracy on passes and strikes 

The linear texture on the forefoot from the first generation cleat is updated to circular control pads that deliver accuracy on passes and strikes.

The Neoprene collar is also a technical update to the original UX Accuro, which had a padded low top style with a wrap-around tongue.

Lacing system may not please everyone 

The off-center lacing system gives way for cleaner strikes on the medial strike zone. The laces are looped through cables and not the traditional eyelets found on the first generation cleat. 

With this lace-up closure, players are able to personalize the fit whether it’s for a wide or narrow foot.

Umbro UX Accuro 2 Pro Firm Ground offers more support 

The cage built into this soccer cleat is styled to be stitchless to increase more foot support especially during long runs on the pitch. Strikers are sure to benefit from this feature especially that it is incorporated with mesh inserts to amplify comfort.

Also, pull tabs on the rear and forefoot area facilitate a more comfortable entry to the cleat. It helps in stretching out the snug Neoprene collar.

Facts / Specs

Top: Low
Surface: Firm Ground
Lacing System: Laced
BRAND Brand: Umbro

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Akshay Kumar Malhotra
Akshay Kumar Malhotra

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