Size and fit

The UGG Victoria has a beautiful suede and poly spandex upper which makes the sneaker very plush to wear. Perforations on the upper also make it breathable. It has a traditional lace-up closure system. Satin laces add a nice touch to it as a whole and keep the foot in place. Of course, UGG has provided regular laces for those who want an alternative to the satin laces.

The sneaker is made exclusively for women and naturally comes in sizes for women. Anyone interested in copping a pair can choose a size from a range of 5 to 12 US. Half sizes are also available.

UGG Victoria Style

With the UGG Victoria, looking stylish anywhere won’t be a problem at all. These high-top UGG sneakers come in three different colors, with the buyer having the choice of choosing Pencil Lead, Black, and Quartz. These color choices are great to pair with many outfits. Many owners of the UGG Victoria have said that the color choices can do no wrong. In fact, it can do one’s outfit the ultimate justice.

Whether going out with friends, a casual date, or just looking for something quick to put on for that errand run, the UGG Victoria low top is the go-to shoe. The shoes blend very well with almost anything, and ladies can pair this up with skinny jeans, tapered ones, shorts, jumpers and dresses, even the joggers and leggings. It really depends on the style that one wants to evoke.

Notable Features

The UGG Victoria is jampacked with sneaker technology that makes it a joy to wear. It has the EnerG Comfort System insole which makes it really comfortable to wear, with people comparing it to almost like walking on a cloud. Meanwhile, providing better traction, durability, flexibility, and superb cushioning is the Treadlite by UGG outsole. Meshed together with the style, the silhouette, and the design, the UGG Victoria low top is finished off nicely; a sneaker worthy of being a fashion staple.

UGG Victoria History

With the amount of success that UGG has gained both in the USA and internationally, one might think that the history behind the brand is a tumultuous one. Contrary to popular belief, the brand’s origin story is as simple as it gets. It all started when Brian Smith, the founder of the UGG brand, came to Southern California with a bag of dreams, and sheepskin cleats. The man was convinced that sheepskin cleats were the greatest thing ever and that everyone had to experience its awesomeness.

In Southern California, where the lifestyle is renowned for being relaxed and casual, Brian felt his sheepskins cleats would do well. So in 1978, he settled down and founded the UGG brand and began selling his cleats. It was an instant hit, and when the 80s came around, the brand had become a big part of the soul of Southern California’s culture, its biggest market being the surf community. UGG soon branched out from beyond the beach community, popping into the small towns and the big cities, becoming winter staples in ski shops. People had fallen in love with it and turned it into something that became essential to the casual lifestyle.

Knowing its potential, UGG went on to add more to its product line, diversifying to meet the needs of the sneaker market. Having started out with cleats, UGG began to produce a slew of footwear such as wedges, and sneakers. With these new additions, UGG did not disappoint, delighting sneakerheads and UGG fans instead with the development. One sneaker that has been making a name for itself and the UGG brand is the UGG Victoria.

Plunging into the world of fashion sneakers, the UGG Victoria low top is no ordinary sneaker and erases the idea of a pair of boring lace-up sneaker. It’s been made to be street-ready, both in look and function. It’s effortlessly classy and presents a new option for many, one that says that casual doesn’t mean looking snazzy isn’t an option.

Additional Info

  • The sneaker has a leather and textile lining.
  • The knit collar of the UGG Victoria is made of poly spandex as well.
  • The insole also has built-in arch support.
  • For moisture-wicking and anti-microbial comfort, an additional layer of open cell PU foam has been added to the insole.

Facts / Specs

Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Colorways: Black / Blue
SKUs: 1017011QRT / 1017011SIZE

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