Who should buy the UGG CA805

The UGG CA805 will fit the bill if:

  • You need a sneaker that is comfy, light, and durable for daily use
  • You want a sneaker with a modern vibe.
  • You love sneakers that are bulky

UGG CA805 ugg-ca805-profile

Who should not buy it

People who have narrower feet need to size down a bit because of the subpar zipper integrated into the UGG CA805. In case you prefer a sneaker that is zipperless the UGG Bren is one of the best alternatives to try. It has a laceless system that is perfect for people who are always “on the go”. 

UGG CA805 ugg-ca805-tread

Since the UGG CA805 does not have any arch support it can be a deal breaker. In case you prefer sneakers with better arch support, the UGG Kinney is definitely the best alternative that you can take.

Subpar zippers

There are a number of people who bought the UGG CA805 who seem unhappy with the performance of the zippers. Some of the most notable sentiments from them are the following:

  • “Need more options on the zipper to make the fit better”
  • “Zippers are not good. One will not stay zipped up, wish it was just slip on”
  • “The body of the shoe is too loose because of the zipper top.”

UGG CA805 ugg-ca805-zipper

Slippery and squeaking sounds on wet surfaces

A sneakerhead is a bit unhappy with the shoe saying, “Knocked one star, I do find them to be a bit slippery on wet surfaces. Another one said, “They do squeak on polished flooring when wet”. Having said so, you can try out the UGG Libu as another option.  

UGG CA805 comfy feel

People are loving the comfort of this shoe due to its shape and soft cushioning. Some of the most notable reviews that depict the satisfaction of buyers are as follows:

  • "By far the most comfortable shoe I have ever owned"
  • "This shoe is by FAR the most comfortable and durable leisure shoe I've ever worn!"
  • “These are SO comfortable, and the extra height they give me is just right.”

UGG CA805 ugg-ca805-toebox

Affordability meets quality

People admired the promising price that UGG CA805 has. The UGG shoes in our database have an average price of $118 compared to the $70 retail price of the UGG CA805. Despite the affordable price, it did not fail to impress its owners with its great quality. As one reviewer said, “The quality is truly impeccable! I have to stop myself from buying another pair!“

Soft cushioning for better comfort

People with plantar fasciitis and foot pain got the most out of the UGG CA805. They did not regret their purchase as they have reviewed:

  • “This shoe is perfect to match the height of an air cast boot for prevention of feet pain”
  • “It has a thick rubber cushion that is good for my plantar fasciitis.”

UGG CA805 ugg-ca805-platform

Just the right weight

When it comes to sneakers that can be used for the daily grind, weight is a vital factor. UGG CA805 only weighs 11.64 oz(329g) which is perfect for extended hours of walking. Two people confirmed this by saying “Like because very light” and “Fashionable and very lightweight.”

Need more height? Higher soles for you

One sneakerhead said that she really “liked the higher soles” of this UGG CA805.  Also, the higher soles did not compromise comfort in any way according to her.

Superb durability

The “ultra-durable soles” that were integrated by UGG into this sneaker, allow the sneakerheads to make the most out of the shoe. As one satisfied sneakerhead said in her review “ the most durable leisure shoe I've ever worn!”

Minimalist and cozy style

An owner of this shoe saw the UGG CA805 for the first time in a fashion week worn by KarenBritChick which is the primary reason why she was enticed to buy the sneaker. She was happy upon purchase as the shoe is “super stylish."