Our verdict


The Ultraventure 2 from Topo is a trail shoe that encourages natural running while muting harsh trail elements. It's a shoe that gives you free rein — if you want to go fast or slow, it can accommodate. And as per experts' testing, it is best suited for slow to moderate-paced long-distance runs. Be wary, though, the shoe veers away from its name as it's not really great for ultrarunning adventures, given its minimal cushion.


  • Sufficient ground feel
  • Excellent stability
  • Solid arch support
  • Cushiony
  • Excellent surface traction
  • Light on foot
  • Good midfoot security
  • Spacious forefoot
  • Spacious toe room
  • Breathable upper
  • Great for cold conditions


  • Flat ride
  • Has heel issues
  • Porous upper

Topo Athletic Ultraventure 2: Prioritizing a natural ride

Topo Athletic Ultraventure 2 Upper

Unlike other brands involving themselves in the "superfoam wars," Topo is making a clear statement with the Ultraventure 2 — they are targeting the niche market of natural running. How? There are two elements of the shoe that make up its natural ride: 

  • It's a "classic EVA ride," meaning it doesn't give you a snappy toe-off or a very lively ride. 

         Topo Athletic Ultraventure 2 Insole

  • The shoe doesn't have a crazy stack. It's low to the ground, allowing you to feel the surface beneath you. 

         Topo Athletic Ultraventure 2 Midsole

These don't necessarily make the Topo Ultraventure 2 a bad shoe. To put it simply, how the shoe performs is all up to you —  if you go fast, it goes fast, and if you want to mellow down your pace, it can too — which is the essence of natural running. 

Topo Athletic Ultraventure 2 Outsole

Ultraventure 2 vs 1: A better update! 

Topo Athletic Ultraventure 2 Heel

The general consensus on the changes adopted by the second iteration of the Ultravneture series is that it's a welcome upgrade. The upper is more breathable and lighter. A TPU heel counter is also incorporated, thereby securing heel fit. Lastly, the midsole has been revamped using a three-piece injected-EVA midsole, providing better stability. 

Topo Athletic Ultraventure 2 Laces

Topo's trail lineup 

  • Ultraventure 2 - The "workhorse" of the bunch. 
  • Ultraventure Pro - If you want a rock plate that gives better protection out on the trails, this is the shoe for you. 
  • MTN Racer - It's lighter and faster — totally a great partner for races! 

Topo Athletic Ultraventure 2 Front upper

What is it for?

Speed: slow to moderate paces

Distances: short to long distances 


  • steep technical trails 
  • packed gravel/dirt 
  • pavement
  • packed snow
  • rocky slab 

NOT for: 

  • buffed-out surfaces
  • ultra-running distances