Our verdict


Filling a gap in the company’s lineup, the Topo Athletic Pursuit is a surprising zero-drop trail shoe that impressed runners with its superior quality. A fantastic supplier of protection and comfort, it goes far and does not compromise when it comes to traction in rough conditions. No need to be a trail runner to enjoy it though, it’s a solid option as an all-day hiking shoe as well.


  • Comfy and foot-shaped
  • Superb grip
  • Smooth and cushioned ride
  • Solid midfoot/heel lockdown
  • Excellent protection
  • Versatile for different distances
  • Above average durability
  • No breaking-in needed
  • Great for wide feet
  • Doubles as a hiker


  • Laces come undone easily
  • Feels somewhat heavy

Who should buy Topo Athletic Pursuit

Get it if you have normal to wide feet and need a shoe for daily training and long distances efforts, capable of tackling technical terrain with confidence. It’s great for beginners and advanced trail runners alike but bear in mind that, although it does not really feel like a zero-drop trail shoe, it still is. Therefore, a gradual approach is needed for those runners coming from higher drops.

Topo Athletic Pursuit topo-athletic-pursuit-front

Who should not buy it

Look elsewhere if you:

Topo Athletic Pursuit topo-athletic-pursuit-toe bumper

Amazingly comfortable

Despite some minor issues with the laces, which needed to be adjusted more than usual, those who tested the shoe said that its upper feels great on the foot. It’s very well padded, and the gusseted tongue, as commented by a runner, “really cradles [his] feet perfectly.” 

Topo Athletic Pursuit topo-athletic-pursuit-heel collar

Plenty of room for wide feet

Topo shoes are typically secure at the midfoot and rearfoot while giving a bit more room at the forefoot. In the Pursuit, there’s the added extra comfort provided by a toe box that is even slightly wider than usual for this brand, and according to a runner, it's “dialed in all the way around.”

Another tester confirmed this after his first run in it: “wow, this is a comfortable shoe.”

Topo Athletic Pursuit topo-athletic-pursuit-mesh

Outstanding traction in the Pursuit

Boosting 6-mm lugs, the Pursuit’s outsole is superb in any conditions, from smooth to very rugged terrain, on rocks, mud, and much more. A tester said he was “surprised at how exceptionally well the shoe gripped,” the ground, while another runner added that he had “a lot of confidence in navigating through trail terrain in nearly any condition.”

Topo Athletic Pursuit topo-athletic-pursuit-outsole

A dreamy ride

The ride is smooth and plush, and as a tester put it, it’s also “incredibly secure” and “surprisingly stable.”

Reviewers said that the midsole is softer than other Topo Athletic shoes and there’s the perfect amount of cushioning. An experienced runner put it perfectly: “a dream to run in,” and “one of the softest impacts I’ve ever experienced on the trail.” 

Topo Athletic Pursuit topo-athletic-pursuit-side

Perfect for all-day runs in the mountains

Judging by the reviews, this shoe is best as a daily trainer and for ultra distances. As pointed out by an expert, it can easily “eat up the terrain and the miles, while keeping [his] feet and legs noticeably comfortable.” 

The same expert loved how well they handled rocky and technical terrain, while another tester said that “it has all-day comfort” and can definitely be a fantastic choice for hiking too.

Topo Athletic Pursuit topo-athletic-pursuit-heel

No issues underfoot with the Pursuit

This shoe doesn’t have a rock plate, and trail runners said there is no need for one as, according to one of them, there’s “superb foot protection while maintaining a great trail feel.”

Feels a bit heavy

At 10.8 (306g) the Pursuit is just slightly above the average weight for a trail running shoe (10.5oz or 298g). Yet, although the shoe is very well balanced, runners felt it a bit heavy during long runs. As a tester explained, the weight “catches up to you after some time.”

Topo Athletic Pursuit topo-athletic-pursuit-laces

No need to wait

Unlike some other shoes, which need a few miles to break in, there’s no need to give time to the Pursuit, it’s ready straight away. As a runner pointed out: “out of the box they couldn't be better.”

Topo Pursuit is hardwearing

Testers noticed that this shoe has great durability. One of them said that, even after repeated runs on rocks and debris, “everything is holding up well,” while another runner praised the well-built mesh upper, which “seems as indestructible as any.”