Who should buy the Timberland Bradstreet Chukka

The Timberland Bradstreet Chukka combines everyday function and aesthetical appeal within its lasting shell. If you're drawn to it, then you must be:

  • A man who prefers wearing chinos and cuffed jeans regularly.
  • A woman who likes dressing up in a pair of skinny jeans.
  • Looking to expand your collection with something tough but not clunky.
  • Someone who likes rocking it in the drizzly outdoors.

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Who should not buy it

If you need a more affordable pair, try the Timberland Dausette instead. Also, trade the Bradstreet Chukka for the Nike Manoa if you want something easier to clean.

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Bradstreet Chukka equals exceptional plushness

The Timberland Bradstreet Chukka provides excellent comfort, numerous reviewers say.

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In pristine condition for longer

Users in droves are convinced that this kick is among the most durable Timberland sneakers out there. This quality alone makes the shoe highly recommendable in the eyes of many.

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Timberland Bradstreet Chukka: Cool from any angle

Like other Timberland Bradstreet iterations, this comfy boot has a stylish design that is appreciated by a good number of buyers.

Timberland Bradstreet Chukka cool

Could be less costly

The Timberland Bradstreet Chukka is offered at a slightly high price.

Timberland Bradstreet Chukka costly

Fantastic lightness

The shoe has a barely-there construction, according to purchasers.

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Beware of dirt

A couple of users say that the shoe is hard to clean.

Timberland Bradstreet Chukka clean

Bradstreet Chukka: Amazing in the rain

Reviewers are highly appreciative of the shoe being incredibly weatherproof.

Timberland Bradstreet Chukka water

The Timberland Bradstreet Chukka in history

Timberland said that during the '90s, their sales more than tripled as their cleats became a significant part of the hip-hop and urban culture. It was the 6-inch-boot that the '90s era was all about. The silhouette can be seen on the foot of Das EFX, Mobb Deep, DMX, Notorious B.I.G., and Kanye West. They rocked the shoes in both their videos and performances. Soon, almost everyone was rocking the cleats, which made the silhouette enter the fashion world successfully.

At first, Timberland tried to disassociate itself from their new market and their new street identity, and they tried to deter the cleats fans. But soon, they realized that the cleats’ new credentials couldn’t be denied, and they accepted it with open arms. Now, these cleats have become a significant part of modern fashion.

Timberland started to create more silhouettes that still display the brand’s roots and elements and its classic and signature design. Among these kicks is the Timberland Bradstreet Chukka, which features a sleek yet trendy design. Aside from the traditional tan leather, the brand also produced more colorways for the silhouette, giving buyers more style options at their disposal.

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Facts / Specs

Base model: Timberland Bradstreet
Style: Dressy, Sneakerboots
Top: Mid
Inspired from: Hiking
Closure: Laces
Material: Leather, Rubber Sole, Nubuck, EVA
Season: Fall, Spring

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