Our verdict


This superbly lightweight yet supportive Teva Tirra offers high levels of comfort and durability. It is also praised as a quick-drying footgear that performs well in wet conditions. It provides excellent ground stability and surface traction.


  • Incredible durability
  • Excellent arch support
  • Comfortable footbed
  • Superb surface traction
  • Fantastic stability on uneven terrain
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-drying
  • Zero break-in period


  • Scratchy and short ankle straps
  • Makes feet sweaty
  • Straps leave too much space

Who should buy the Teva Tirra

Teva’s response to the demands of the hiking community is the trendy Tirra. It is a solid option if you:

  • Prefer a hiking sandal that is specially made for adventurers who are looking for great mobility and agility.
  • Look for a new pair that has a shock-absorbing unit embedded in the heel zone and an odor-resistant footbed.
  • Need a hiking sandal that gives more grip over mixed terrain, come rain or shine.

Teva Tirra logo

Excellent traction in all-weather conditions

Powered by its Spider Rubber outsole, the Teva Tirra delivers traction on tricky terrain no matter the weather condition. 

Teva Tirra outsole

Excellent multi-directional grip

The sole’s water-shedding tread patterns prevent traction loss on wet surfaces, while its multi-directional lugs provide grip from nearly every direction. This rubber layer will also not stain urban surfaces as it is non-marking to boot.

Teva Tirra outsole 1

Excellent arch support

Wearers are granted stability on uneven and undeveloped trails thanks primarily to the sandal’s cushy midsole. It has ample end-to-end thickness to ensure proper shock absorption and distribution. It also provides adequate arch support with its raised arch zone.

Teva Tirra arch support

Excellent stability

Within the confines of this comfy platform is a nylon shank. What this added component does is reinforce the midfoot zone to improve the user’s balance. It also contributes to the sandal’s overall stability, especially during transitions.

Teva Tirra midsole

Soft footbed

This shoe's insole is extra soft and has more prominent contours, catering to the female foot needs.

Teva Tirra insole

Shock-absorbing cushioning

There is a cushy component placed in the heel cup of the footbed called the Shoc Pad. This springy patch, which is made using a combination of polyurethane and EVA, contributes to the sandal’s shock absorption by evenly transferring the energy of impact throughout the midsole.

Teva Tirra midsole 2


Infused into the insole and midsole is Microban’s zinc-based antimicrobial technology. By actively inhibiting odor-causing bacteria on a micro level, it is able to fight off the stink. It also prevents mold buildup, thus improving the lifespan of the sandal.

Teva Tirra upper 1


The women’s-only Teva Tirra is lightweight and fast-drying thanks to its strappy, webbing upper which is mostly made of polyester. It is a hydrophobic, synthetic material characterized by lightness, strength, and resilience. 

Teva Tirra upper 2

Wider lockdown configuration options

The sandal’s set of straps uses hook and loop fasteners to give wearers wider lockdown configuration options. There is also a pull tab stitched on the heel’s back strap for effortless on and off.

Teva Tirra strap