Who should buy the Teva Ridgeview Mid

The Teva Ridgeview Mid is a lightweight, waterproof and eco-friendly backpacking shoe best recommended for:

  • hiking, backpacking trips, walking around town and mid-winter outdoor escapades
  • lunchtime strolls up the hill or multiday treks on groomed trails or snowy path

Teva Ridgeview Mid teva

Provides midfoot support

The Ridgeview Mid is imbued with Teva’s own waterproofing tech, giving hikers complete moisture protection in inclement conditions (think snow and heavy rain).

Teva Ridgeview Mid Provides midfoot support

Engineered with a stabilizer, a.k.a. shank, the Ridgeview Mid’s midsole offers enduring protection and cushioning, with enhanced midfoot support to match.

Ridgeview Mid delivers reliable traction

Its Vibram outsole is completely wet-surface ready. The lugs built on it also have more depth to them, delivering additional traction over muddy or grainy soil.

Teva Ridgeview Mid delivers reliable traction

Compared with most backpacking boots, the Ridgeview Mid is lighter (by approximately 100 grams) and less expensive (by around $50).

Lacks a heel brake

While its Vibram outsole is fully capable of giving you surefootedness on various surfaces, it lacks a heel brake, which provides extra stopping power on descents.

Teva Ridgeview Mid Lacks a heel brake

The Ridgeview Mid does not come with a gusseted tongue, making the boot’s waterproofing unreliable in waters going beyond 3 inches in depth.

Made from eco-friendly materials to help the environment

The shoe’s upper is made roughly of 75% recycled polyester. This was certified by an independent Leather Working Group, whose advocacy and mission is to promote sustainable and environment-friendly business practices within the leather industry

Teva Ridgeview Mid eco-friendly materials

Every piece of leather found in this backpacking boot is sourced from tanneries certified by said Group. For instance, the waffle knit lining of the shoe is 100% made from recycled polyester.

Some lacing issues

To an experienced hiker, the boot’s uppermost lace tunnels make fit adjustments rather tricky. When it comes to shoe’s footbed, says one owner, it could use a bit more cushioning.

Teva Ridgeview Mid Some lacing issues

But as far as backpacking boots are concerned, this Teva piece is satisfyingly light. Numerous hikers also find the Teva Ridgeview Mid either “most” or “totally” comfortable.

Effective waterproofing

The effective waterproofing of the Ridgeview Mid is lauded by reviewers thanks to it leather and waterproof membrane booties.

Teva Ridgeview Mid Effective waterproofing

The shoe fences out moisture like a champ, wearers say. It protects the feet against heavy weather conditions, keeping them comfortable and dry.

Teva Ridgeview Mid provides ankle support and grip 

The Teva Ridgeview Mid comes with a reassuring collar. Trail-goers are impressed with the shoe’s remarkable ankle support and grippy outsole.

Teva Ridgeview Mid provides ankle support

If you got strong ankles or just need more collar freedom than support, then check out the Ridgeview Low instead. Make no mistake—this hiker is by no means a downgrade. It is as capable a backpacking piece as its mid-cut older sibling!

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 471g / Women 357g
Use: Backpacking
Cut: Mid cut
Features: Lightweight / Eco-friendly / Orthotic friendly / Removable insole
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Width: Normal / Narrow, Normal
BRAND Brand: Teva

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